How to input scores as a Staff Member

Designated staff roles can now input their own scores after games. Staff members can be assigned to staff roles with scorekeeping permissions by their organization admins (see here).

Input scores via web portal

  1. Navigate to your LeagueApps dashboard (desktop or mobile web). If you are given scorekeeping permissions by your organization admin, you will be able to edit scores in both the desktop and mobile web versions of your LeagueApps member dashboard. Designated scorekeepers will see all of the programs they have been invited to as a staff member (and as a player).
  2. Click on the Record Scores link for your desired program to view the schedule
  3. Find the correct game to record the score. On the program schedule page, you will see a list of all of the games that have been created for this program. Under each game, you will see a button with the text, Record Score. This is where you can add game score.
  4. Record game score. When entering results, you can provide the score (points for each team) as well as the game outcome dropdown, and click the Save button.

Edit Scores

  1. If needed, edit the game score. To edit game scores, you can click the View Game Details link that exists within each game.
  2. From this page, you will be taken to a game details page where you will see a button that says, Edit scores

Input scores via app

To add and edit scores on the game card in the LeagueApps Mobile Apps (LeagueApps Play or Branded Apps), you must be a designated scorekeeper on the team-level by one of your organization admins. In the mobile apps, you can also enter scores on the Organizations tab under My Account if you are a designated scorekeeper on the program-level.

Once you are a designated scorekeeper, follow these guides to add and enter scores in the mobile app:

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