How to Manage and Submit Rosters

If you are a team participant or staff member, you most likely have access to your team's roster. Roster visibility is determined by your system administrator, and you may not have access to your team's roster.

Use this article to learn more about the team roster: web view, communication, printing rosters as a program staff member, and roster submission.


Getting Started

Navigate to the Roster tab from your Team Page:  As a program staff member, the level of access you have to certain tools is determined by your administrator

Web View

At the very least, participant names are displayed in the Roster tab.

Other member or program-specific information may be shown, depending on your administrator's settings. 

Web view for program participant:



Mobile view for program participant: 5de7565ac3849.png


View for program staff member (with access to print):



Communication & Other Tools

Access to communication tools and other information is determined by your administrator. 

  • To view your accessible communication tools, click the player's name. This will show available communication tools which can include email, text or call. 

  • Clicking a player's name will also show their registration form field responses




Print as a Staff Member

Access to printing a roster is reserved for program staff only (unless your administrator has disabled print capabilities for program staff members)

  • To view your roster in print format, click Print Team Roster

  • The visibility of each field (except name) is determined by the administrator.



Roster Management & Submission

Most programs provide roster management capabilities to program staff.


Staff Managed Form Fields

Your program may provide staff managed form fields for each registration. These are form fields answered for a participant by their team's staff member. If your program has staff managed form fields:

  • Navigate to the Roster tab from your Team Page
  • Click Edit next to a player's registration record
  • Depending on your admin's preferences, you may be able to edit all form fields or only staff managed form fields (you may also not have editing capabilities for any form fields). 



The participant will NOT be able to see your responses to these Staff Managed Form Fields. For this registration, the participant will only see the following from their user dashboard:



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