How to Input Scores as a Team Captain

Save time and energy by allowing Team Captains to input their own scores after games. You have the option to delegate scoring duties to your team captains. Team captains will be responsible for entering scores for their games and can dispute the scores of opposing team captains. 

⚠️ Team Captains can only edit games that are at least 1 hour past their scheduled start time.

Step 1

Enable Team Captain Scorekeeping (Admin Only)

  1. From the admin dashboard, go to Settings and click Schedules and Standings
  2. Check the box that says Captain is allowed to edit scores for his/her games. Screen_Shot_2020-12-04_at_5.10.37_PM.png
  3. Click Save Settings. 

Step 2

Log in to your Dashboard (Captain)

  1. As a Captain, log in to your LeagueApps Dashboard and navigate to your team page. Your team page is located under My Activity.
  2. Click Schedule from the left-hand side menu. 
  3. Find the game you wish to enter a score for and click Record Score.
  4. Input the score and game info: Final, Overtime, Forfeit. 
  5. Click Save.

Dispute Score

If you need to Dispute a score recorded by another Captain, or if you input the incorrect score by mistake, click the Dispute Score link.

This will allow you to compose a message to the League Admin where you can explain why the score is incorrect. 

⚠️ For admins: When a captain disputes a score, the email will be sent to the LeagueApps account owner.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can program staff edit scores (coaches, etc.)?

Staff roles who are given scorekeeper permissions are permitted to record game scores in the LeagueApps member dashboard and mobile apps. Learn more here.

Can admin still input scores?

Yes, admin can still input scores from the schedule page of the program within the admin console.

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