How to Invite, Add, or Copy Players as a Coach or Captain

Some organizations allow or require coaches or team captains to invite, add or copy players to their current team. These permissions are defined by the program organizers, so if you do not see these options for your team it is likely a deliberate choice by the organizers. This article will walk you through how a staff member and team captains can invite players, add players, or copy players directly to their teams.

Log in to your account

Head to your User Dashboard by logging into your account.

  • Staff: Scroll down to My Staff Assignments and locate the team you wish to invite, add, or copy players to.
  • Captains: Scroll down to My Registered Activities and locate the team you wish to invite, add, or copy players to.

Inviting Players

Step 1: Navigate to Invite Players Page

For program staff, select Invite Players under your team name. For team captains, select Manage or Add Players.

For Program Staff:

For Team Captains:

If you are a program staff member, you will be taken to the invite players page. If you are a team captain, select Invite Players from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Enter Email Addresses

  • Here, you can enter the emails of the players or their parents that you are inviting. Enter only one email address per line.
  • Customize your message by changing the subject line and writing a note to the players. When you're ready, click Send Invites.

Step 3: Track Invites

Once your players have been invited, you can keep track of whose registration is still pending from your team page. 

To do so, navigate back to your team page and from the drop-down menu select Pending Player Invites.

⚠️ Once invited, team players will be able to accept invites and register even after the registration end date. 

Manually Adding Players (Adult Teams Only)

Step 1: Navigate to Team Page

For program staff, select Invite Players under your team name. For team captains, select Manage or Add Players. Once there, click the Add Player button.

Step 2: Add Players

Here, you will need to enter the player's general details, as well as answer program-specific form field questions. Click Save Player when you are ready, or Save & Add Another Player if you want to add more. A member account will be automatically created for each player you add.

Copy Players to the Team from other Teams

For program staff to copy players, you will need to go through the Add Players function. After selecting Add Players, you will see the Copy Players option at the top of the page.

Team Captains can select Manage or Add Players

  1. Select Copy Players at the top of the page
  2. You will be redirected to the copy players page. Here, you can select which team you want to copy players from, and which players specifically need to be copied
  3. Finally, click the Copy option. You may send registration confirmation emails and/or copy matched registration field values if you wish.
  4. Click Add when you're ready. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My team captains or coaches aren't seeing any of these options.

Check your Staff Role Settings and program Registration Options. Your site has settings that govern what program staff can and cannot do. In addition, each program has its own rules as well. See below for more details:

When I try to add a player, I get an error that they already exist.

This means that player already has account in LeagueApps. You will need to invite them to the team instead.

Some of my players are saying they didn't get the email invitation. How can they sign up?

  • If the players already have an account, they can also accept their team invite from their member dashboard. Have them log into their account accept the invite.
  • If that doesn't work, have them check their spam folders and add to ensure they are getting emails from LeagueApps. You can also resend the invite via your team page.
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