Using the Schedule Generator for Round Robin Schedules

⚠️ For information on LeagueApps' new tournament scheduling tools, click here.

This article discusses how to create a schedule for your program using the Schedule Generator tool. LeagueApps allows you to set up tournament brackets as well. Learn more about how to create and manage tournament brackets.  

Step 1: Navigate To Schedule Page.

  • First go to a specific program where you want to build a schedule.
  • Next, click on the program's Schedule tab, and click on the option to Generate a Schedule.
  • The schedule generator will then walk you through a series of steps, discussed below:generate.jpg

Step 2: Choose Type

  • Click the option Regular Round Robin.
  • Select which teams to include on the schedule.
  • Click Next: Enter Days and times


Step 3: Enter Days & Times

  • Pick what weekdays to Schedule Games on
  • Select start time and Add Time for each game. Repeat to schedule another game time
  • Click Next: Enter Locations


Step 4: Enter Locations

  • Pick a Location from any of the locations you have already entered on your site.
  • (To add a location to your site: "Manage > Locations > Add a Location")
  • Click Next: Enter Settings


Step 5: Settings

  • Enter number of total games each team will play, and number of games per week
  • Check box to Make all games doubleheaders
  • Click Next: Generate Schedule


Step 6: Preview Schedule

The Schedule Generator will produce accurate results if the following conditions are met:

  • The program has an even number of teams.
  • Each team plays an even number of total games.
  • Each team plays an even number of games per week.


⚠️ If one or more of the above conditions is not met, this message may appear:
Your schedule is below, but we found 1 potential issue(s). Choose any fixes you want and re-run your schedule, or you can accept it as-is.  

Step 7: Accept Schedule

In order to ensure the Schedule Generator creates a balanced round-robin schedule, choose one of the options listed and Re-run the schedule generator. Once you are satisfied with a produced schedule, accept it by selecting Accept Schedule or Accept Schedule And Notify League Participants.

Once the schedule is generated, even if it's not perfect,  it can still be edited to be completely accurate.

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