Creating and Managing Program Schedules

In LeagueApps, every program you create has a schedule feature that can help you relay detailed information to your members on when and where your events and games take place. Your members can be granted access to this information via their member portals and can also be automatically sent notifications for reminders and changes.

Schedules can be created three ways:

This help page will cover the first option on how to add games or events individually. Click the above links for steps on other methods.

Enabling the Schedule

Most programs have the schedule or calendar enabled by default. If you do not see it on a program, you'll need to enable it.

  • In a program, go to Settings.
  • Then click Preferences.
  • On the preferences page, check Use Schedule.
  • Click Save Preferences at the bottom

Adding Games and/or Events

Games in LeagueApps are for teams registered in your LeagueApps account scheduled to compete against each other. Examples of this would be a schedule for a tournament or league you host.

Events in LeagueApps are for program-wide events or events for specific teams. These may include meetings, team practices or specific sessions of a weeklong camp.

A LeagueApps schedule can include both.

  • To start, click the Schedule or Calendar link at the top of a program's dashboard.


  • Then click either the Add a Game or Add an Event button, depending on what your schedule requires.


  • This will bring up a prompt to fill out some details about the game or event.


  • Select the Notify checkbox if you want to send an email and push notification to your team members, and click Save Game or Save Game and Add Another.

Field Summary for Events:

  • Event Name: Name of the event; e.g., Team Meeting
  • Type: Type of event. If none fit, choose Other
  • Location: Where the event takes place. (How to add locations)
  • Location Note: Extra info about the location, such as parking details (optional)
  • From: Date and time event beings
  • To: Date and time event ends
  • Repeating: Allows you configure a repeating event, such as weekly practices
  • Description: Extra info about the event (optional)

Field Summary for Games:

  • From: From team
  • Away: Away team
  • Type: Game type
  • Location: Where the event takes place. (How to add locations)
  • Game Date: When the game starts
  • Starts At: When the game is to end
  • Official: Referee for the game (optional)
  • Game Notes: Extra information about the game (optional)
⚠️ Only registered players and staff members can be selected as officials in a program. If you want to add an official that isn't a registered player or staff member, first register him/her as a player in the program.

Editing a  Schedule

Once you have added at least one single game, you can edit your schedule in the following ways:

  • Edit Game: Click the Pencil icon next to the game location to make changes to your game.
  • Delete Game: Click X icon to remove an entire game.
  • Report Scores: Click the trophy icon and enter scores for each team. (Click here for more on Updating Scores & Standings)
  • Delete Day- Remove an entire day from your schedule.
  • Reschedule Day- Move an entire day of games to a different date.


  • When making changes, you will also have the option to notify participants of the changes.


Adding a Date Note

Date notes are placed at the beginning of a date on your schedule and can be listed whether or not games are scheduled on that date (as opposed to Notes for specific games).  For example, a date note would be useful if you want to explicitly indicate a holiday week on the schedule.  Here's how you add a Date Note to your schedule:

  • At the top of your schedule page, click Date Note


  • Select a Date for your note
  • Select Style, or color
  • Enter Date Note content under Message
  • Click Save


Publishing a Schedule

You can choose to publish your game and or event schedule at any time you wish. This is helpful if you want to work on your schedule and make adjustments without the information being available to your participants.

At the top of a program's schedule page, simply check or uncheck the boxes to publish or unpublish the schedule.



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