How To Create External Teams

The External Teams feature can be turned on via a Schedules & Standings setting to allow external teams to be added to schedules by any LeagueApps admin users who have access to creating event and game schedules. Once this setting is turned on, you will be able to type in an external team name (which is not a team set up in the LeagueApps Management Console), or select a previously-added external team, when adding games.

⚠️ The ability to include external teams will show up in all program types, except for tournament programs.

Enabling and Disabling the External Teams Setting

In your LeagueApps Management Console, navigate to the Settings menu dropdown and select Schedules & Standings.


Under the Schedule Settings tab, turn on external teams by selecting the Allow External Teams checkbox. Then click the Save Settings button.


If external teams are already turned on, and you would like to turn them off, unselect the Allow External teams checkbox, and click Save Settings.

⚠️ When this feature is turned off, users of the management console will no longer be able to create external team games within this site. External team games will not be deleted, but new external teams cannot be added to a program schedule until the External Teams setting is re-enabled.

Adding new External Teams to program and team schedules

Once external teams have been enabled in Schedule Settings, a New External Team option will show up in the Home and Away group drop-downs when scheduling games and events.


If you select this New External Team option, you will be shown a new field where you can enter the New External Team Name. External teams can be added for both home and away games, but an external team must be vs. an internal team set up within LeagueApps. After clicking Save Game, the game will be saved with the new external team.


⚠️ The ability to include external teams will show up in all program types, except for tournament programs.

Selecting existing External Teams in program and team schedules

Once at least one new external team has been created and added to a program schedule, you will be able to select from an existing external team, or add more new external teams when completing your schedule.

Select the Existing External Team option from Home or Away drop-downs.


Then, you will be shown an External Team Name dropdown that allows you to select from any of the existing external teams that have been created within this program (or sub-program). After clicking Save Game, the game will be saved with the existing external team.


⚠️ For grouped programs, existing external teams are saved at the sub-program level.
For example, if you have a grouped program with two sub-programs: U11 & U12. If you create external teams in the U11 sub-program, those teams will only be accessible within the U11 sub-program. They will not show up in the U12 sub-program.

Viewing games that include External Teams in program and team schedules

Once you have created a schedule that includes games with external teams, you will see those teams populated in your program schedule.

⚠️ Unlike LeagueApps internal teams, external teams do not have dedicated team pages, and therefore are not clickable within your schedule view.


Viewing Standings as "Team Statistics" in programs that include External Teams

Once at least one game exists in a program schedule that includes an external team, the terminology for “Standings” will be changed to “Team Statistics”, meaning that only stats for your internal teams are being displayed in these results.


Adding scores for games that include External Teams

LeagueApps Admin users can enter scores for games that include external teams within their LeagueApps Management Console, using the existing scorekeeping feature. Those scores will populate in the Member Portal and the LeagueApps Play and branded apps, and will be used in any calculations shown as Team Statistics in the Management Console and Member Portal and as Standings in LeagueApps Play and the branded apps.

Additionally, staff with designated scorekeeping permissions can enter scores for games that include external teams in the LeagueApps Mobile Apps and in the Member Portal. Learn more about designated scorekeepers here.

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