Scheduling Cross-Program Games

LeagueApps allows you to schedule games between two teams in separate programs. This can be useful if you have several divisions in a season and want to give teams in different divisions the opportunity to play one another. Follow these steps in your LeagueApps management console to schedule games with teams across different programs.

Step 1: Navigate to program schedule

Click into a Program's Schedule or Calendar page then click the Add a game button or Edit and existing Game.

Step 2: Assign teams

Select the Home Team.


When selecting the Away Team, choose the last option Team in Separate Program


Step 3: Find program and team

Select the program and program team for the Away Team slot. 


Step 4: Add remaining details and notify team

Enter the schedule details, select the Notify checkbox if you want to send an email and push notification to your team members, and click Save Game or Save Game and Add Another.

Step 5: Adjust standings rules (optional)

Additionally, you have the option to include cross-program games in standings calculations. This option will determine if you want game results to impact both teams' rankings in their respective programs.

  1. Go to the Settings tab in your management console.
  2. Select Edit Standings Rules under the Scoring and Standings section.
  3. Check the box that reads Include cross-program games in standings calculations. Leave this box un-checked if you prefer that cross-program games have no impact on the standings.
  4. Click Save.
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