Scheduling Cross-Program Games

LeagueApps allows you to schedule games between two teams in separate programs. This can be useful if you have several divisions in a season and want to give teams in different divisions the opportunity to play one another. This may be a popular option for soccer, softball, or other sports.

Follow these steps in your LeagueApps management console to schedule games with teams across different programs:


Step 1:

Click into a Program's Schedule/Calendar and click Add or Edit a Game. Be sure to select a sport that has multiple programs on your site. (For example - if you choose to schedule flag football games with teams in different programs, make sure there are at least two flag football programs created in your database). 


Step 2:

Select the Home Team



Step 3:

Select the Away Team. Choose the last option on the 'Away Team' dropdown, which reads Team in Separate Program



Step 4:

Select the program and program team for the Away Team slot. (Make sure the second program has existing teams for you to choose).



Step 5:

Enter the schedule details and click Save Game or Save Game and Add Another.


Additionally, you have the option to include cross-program games in standings calculations. This option is if you want the game results to impact both teams' rankings in their respective programs.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in your management console.
  2. Select Edit Standings Rules under the Scoring and Standings section.
  3. Check the box that reads Include cross-program games in standings calculations. Leave this box un-checked if you prefer that cross-program games have no impact on the standings.
  4. Click Save Rules.
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