How to add locations

You have the ability to enter locations on your LeagueApps account. Locations are valuable because they inform your participants about where games or events will be held. Our Locations feature integrates with Google Maps and allows participants to enter their address and receive directions in real-time. The feature is optimized for mobile, so participants can get directions while on the go.

Step 1

To add, edit, and manage your locations go to Manage and select Locations.


Step 2

To add a location, click on Add a location in the top right-hand corner. Then enter Location Name, Description, Address fields (these fields are optional, but you must enter an address if you want a map to appear on your site's location pages), then press Create Location. Once you add a location, you can add a sub-location by clicking the Add a Sub-Location button at the bottom of the screen. Sub-locations may be relevant for facilities with multiple courts or fields. 


To edit a location, click on the pencil icon to the right-hand side of it. 

Locations will appear in several pages on your LeagueApps public site, including:

  • The default locations page on your LeagueApps site
  • A program profile page
  • On a published schedule



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