LeagueApps allows you to incorporate a waiver or multiple waivers into the online registration process. With a waiver enabled, a registrant will need to digitally acknowledge and sign the waiver in order to complete their registration.

When a person registers for a new program (camp, team, etc.) they will be asked to accept a waiver(s) for that program. In order to accept that waiver they will check a box that says "I understand and agree to these terms". That acceptance is time stamped and the IP address from where the member accepted it is saved. Most of the time, waivers are put into place to cover your organization from certain legal obligations.

Each signed waiver can be downloaded through the management console from the players list of the program they registered to. 

Default Waivers

  • Waivers can be created in your site default registration settings so that they can be applied to each new program created by default. 
  • Once you create a program, you can also edit waivers on that specific program to override defaults.
  • Changing your default waivers will not apply to any of your existing program waivers.

To add or edit default waivers:

Hover over your admin console Settings (Gear tool) and then click into Registration Settings. Once you're on the default registration settings page, select the Waivers tab.


First you can edit, disable and enable the Main Waiver. When enabled the Main Waiver must be accepted by all registration types. Changes to Main waiver content need to be saved, so be sure to select Save Waiver anytime you want your changes to apply.


Additional Waivers can also be added to Default Waivers. You can choose which registration types the waiver shows to using any additional waiver. Each additional waiver may also be selected to apply only for adults (i.e. Coaches or Volunteers), only for children, or both.

Program Waivers

To view program specific waivers hover over Settings, then click Waivers. Each program can use the default waivers once created, or default waivers can be edited or changed from the program.

Please take time to carefully examine your program waivers before accepting registrations. These are potential unintended consequences of adjusting program waivers after registrations have occurred:

  • Disable Main Waiver: Disabling the main waiver will remove the waiver from new registrations for the program. Existing accepted waivers will not be affected. However if the waiver is re-enabled, all accepted main and additional waivers will be cleared. Registered members will need to re-accept all waivers.
  • Enable Main Waiver: Enabling the main waiver will clear all accepted main waivers and additional waivers for registered members of the program. Registered members will need to re-accept all waivers.
  • Add Additional Waiver: Adding an additional waiver clears all accepted main and additional waivers for the program. Registered Members will need to re-accept all waivers.
  • Edit Additional Waiver: Editing an additional waiver does not impact accepted waivers. The changes will only apply to future registrations after the edit is saved.
  • Delete Additional Waiver: Deleting an additional waiver will remove this waiver from new registrations and clear all acceptances of this waiver.

Members Accepting and Downloading Waivers

Registrants will accept all waivers required for their registration type during program registration. However if a member was manually registered by an admin or a new waiver was added after registration, members can click Accept Waiver under the alerts column on their dashboard or to view accepted waivers by clicking Edit Registration Options.

Admins Tracking Waivers

Admins can track accepted program waivers in the management console from their program. Hover over People and then click Player List for players. Hover over People and then click Staff, for your program staff members list. 

Look for a check mark in the Waiver column of the player or staff list to see registrations with accepted waivers. Admins can also download each accepted waiver from the registration details view in the player or staff list.


Admins can also download waiver(s) from the member details page, where all signed waivers for a given member across all programs are displayed in one view.


At this time it is not possible to bulk download waivers for a program. However, you can bulk export which will show the user’s IP address in the waiver column of the export.

Move Player or Team and their Waivers

  • If the program you’re moving a registrant from has all of the same waiver(s) as the program you’re moving a registrant to, you will have the option to move the waivers with the players or teams and not lose them

Player Move with Waiver:


Team Move with Waiver:


  • If the programs you’re moving a registrant from has some but not all of the same waiver(s) as the program you're moving a registrant to, all accepted waivers are lost as a result of the move
⚠️  All accepted waivers will be removed from the program, but still exist in the member profile. 

Copy Player or Team + Waivers

  • Copying a team or player will always result in the registrant needing to accept all waivers of the program they’re being copied to

  • As long as you don’t delete the source of the copy - the original team or player registration in the program you copied from - then you can retrieve the previously accepted waivers there

Terms & Conditions

Find the default Terms & Conditions page in the Content tab in your admin console. Here you can set your site's Terms & Conditions. You can choose link to this page from the main menu, as well as customize the content. When finished, click Update

A link to this page will be found at the bottom of the member registration and program registration forms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I change my waivers in all of my programs in bulk?

No, that is not something that is currently possible. You can either edit the waiver in your default settings, which will affect all new programs created moving forward, or you can go into each individual program to edit them.

Will a waiver travel with a player if I move them from program to program?

Yes, that will be the case. Make sure you check the box to have that waiver carry over. When you choose to move a player, there is a pop up box asking whether you want to do so. If the waivers match in the two programs, this will be an option. If it does not show up, verify the waiver is the same in the current program the player is in and the destination program you are moving them to.


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