Creating and Managing Tournament Bracket Schedules

You can create and manage tournament brackets for any program.  Here are some of the key details about this feature:

  • Easily generate a ‘single elimination’ tournament with visual brackets right on your program schedule.

    • Choose teams to be included in the tournament from the existing teams on the program.

    • Use any number of teams.

    • Specify the seed rank for each team.

    • Specify the start date, location(s) and game time(s) to be used.

    • Generate and save entire tournament brackets in under a minute.

  • Update game scores and have winning teams automatically advance to the next round.

  • Tournament games are displayed on all schedule views for members to see.

  • Visual brackets display is available from the program schedule.

Setting Up Your Brackets Schedule

Follow these steps to create a new tournament brackets schedule:

  1. Go into any existing program within your site, and click the "Schedule" tab of your program.
  2. On the manage schedule page, click the "Generate Schedule" button.Screen_Shot_2020-12-21_at_9.35.19_AM.png
  3. On the "What" step of the schedule generator, select "Tournament Brackets" for the schedule type. 
  4. Enter a name for your tournament, and choose which teams to include as well as their respective seed ranks.  Once done, click the "Next" button.
  5. On the "When" step, choose a start date, select which day(s) should be used, and specify at least one game time to be used by the generator.  Once done, click the "Next" button.
  6. On the "Where" step, select at least one location to be used by the generator.  Once done, click the "Next" button.  
  7. On the "Settings" step, specify the number of days between rounds.  If you want the tournament to take place within a single day, leave this set to 0.  When done, click the "Next" button.
  8. On the "Results" step, you can review your new brackets schedule.  If it looks acceptable, click the "Accept Schedule" button.
  9. After accepting the schedule, you'll be redirected to your program's schedule page.  You can then jump down to your new brackets schedule by scrolling down or clicking the name after the "Jump to" quick navigation bar.

At this point, your tournament brackets schedule is now created.  

NOTICE: You still need to "publish" your new brackets schedule before it will show up on your public website.  To do this, click the "Publish Games/Events" check box pictured below.


Brackets Schedule Displays

Once you have published a brackets schedule, it will be displayed on your public website and mobile site in the following locations:

  • Program Schedule includes a tabular display of the schedule.
  • Program Schedule includes a visual brackets display (full website only).
  • Team Schedule includes team's games from brackets schedule.
  • Member Schedule includes member's games from brackets schedule.

Scoring Games and Advancing Rounds

Winning teams will be automatically advanced to the next round in the tournament after you enter a game score.  Simply enter a game score for any game in your brackets schedule to do this.  Once the game score is submitted, the winning team is automatically assigned into the appropriate game in the next round.

NOTICE: Click here to see this short instructional video on how to make brackets on your LeagueApps account.

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