Member Tools: Navigating and Using your Parent or Player Dashboard

If you are a player or a parent of a player within a LeagueApps organization, it's important to know what tools are available to you!  This article will walk through the features of your user dashboard accessible via the web portal.

Locating your account features on mobile

To find your account items while using a mobile browser, tap the My account navigation link from your dashboard.

Locating your account features on a PC

While using a desktop or laptop computer, you'll find these items on the right-hand side.


My Family Account

  • Here you can add and edit family members, and view a listing of all registered activities for yourself and members of your family.
  • You can also edit the personal info of any family member.

Account Settings

  • Change your password and edit your email preferences.


  • View all open invoices, make payments, and view receipts for payments made.


Payment Settings 

  • Turn Auto Pay on and off, edit or remove your stored credit card.
  • Enabling or disabling Auto Pay will only impact payment plans that do NOT require a stored credit card and auto pay agreement. The Invoices area of your dashboard will detail if any of your invoices require autopay.

Profile/Edit Profile

  • View your member profile, edit your personal information, mobile number, and any additional information collected by your organization.

My Schedule

  • View a cohesive schedule of all registered activities for all family members, labeled by participant.
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