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At LeagueApps, we understand how participating in sports programs is often supplementary to your daily routine. Many of our users have a calendar app to keep things organized, and now participants can sync their LeagueApps schedule to a calendar app of their choice. This sync has two options: Subscribe or Import.


Subscribing create a new calendar on your chosen calendar app with its own settings. If a calendar event is changed in LeagueApps, the subscribed calendar will auto update. The Apple, Google and Copy Link options are all subscriptions. 

⚠️ LeagueApps calendar sync will sync events and games one month in the past and up to six months in the future.


Importing a LeagueApps Calendar adds events to a pre-existing destination calendar. After downloading the calendar file and importing it to your calendar app, the events will NOT update if changes are made in LeagueApps. 

Use the Download File option to import a calendar

Subscribe to your LeagueApps Calendar

Step 1: View and subscribe to your schedule

There are two ways to view your schedule and subscribe:

1. Login to your organization's website and head to your Dashboard. From there, you can select My Schedule from the sidebar to see all of your program schedules in one space.

2. Enter a program's dashboard and view the schedule for that specific program by selecting Schedule from the sidebar.

Then, select Subscribe to Calendar. Once you are viewing your schedule, you will see a subscribe option at the top of the screen and select the type of calendar you would like to use.

Step 2: Subscribe using a calendar app or copying the link

This section will show how your schedule will appear in Apple Calendar and Google Calendar.

Apple Calendar / iCal

Selecting Apple Calendar from the list will redirect to your Apple computer's Calendar app. The calendar's URL will auto-populate, just press Subscribe.

Next, choose your preferences.

Press OK. Your calendar will appear in your Calendars list. 

Clicking on the event will provide links to RSVP and Directions!

Calendar Event Refresh

  • Automatic updates will occur based on the refresh frequency settings in your iCal account.
  • If a game is rescheduled, the old game will be marked as RESCHEDULED, and the new game will appear separately on your calendar.
  • If an event such as a practice or meeting is changed, the event's details will update. 


Google Calendar

Selecting Google Calendar from the list will open a new tab with your Google Calendar. You will be asked if you want to add the calendar. Select Yes, add this calendar

Your sports calendar will now appear in your Google Calendar. It will be listed under Other calendars and can be toggled on and off. 

Clicking on More Details will provide links to RSVP and directions.

Calendar Event Refresh

  • Google Calendar updates subscribed calendars around once per day; unfortunately this setting cannot be adjusted.
  • If a game is rescheduled, the old game will be marked as RESCHEDULED, and the new game will appear separately on your calendar.
  • If an event such as a practice or meeting is changed, the event's details will update.

Copy Link

Selecting Copy Link will provide a URL under Subscribe to Calendar

Copy this link and add it your calendar app. This is a great tool for those using a calendar app other than iCal or Google Calendar! 

LeagueApps Mobile Apps

Sync your schedule to your personal calendar in the LeagueApps Play app and branded apps. Click the symbol in the top right corner to go to My Account. In the Members tab, tap the participant name, then Subscribe to Calendar.

⚠️ Google does not support a one-click calendar sync through the mobile app. If you want to sync to your Google calendar on your Apple or Android device, follow these instructions.
  1. Tap Subscribe to calendar
  2. Tap copy link
  3. Go to the browser on phone
  4. Go to:
  5. If you are not already logged into the Google account you want the calendar to subscribe to, you need to log into that account.
  6. Tap the gear icon on the top right
  7. Tap settings
  8. Tap Add calendar from the left panel
  9. Tap From URL in the menu that appears beneath “Add calendar”
  10. Paste the copied URL in the URL of calendar field
  11. Tap Add calendar
  12. Go back to:
  13. Make sure that you check the box for the new calendar that was just subscribed to under Other calendars on the left side panel
  14. If you’d like to rename of the calendar, tap the 3 vertical dots on the subscribed calendar under Other calendars. The 3 dots will appear when you hover over the subscribed calendar.
  15. Tap Settings
  16. Change the name

Import your Calendar

This is a great option if you use Outlook! This option will download a calendar file to your computer.

The file will appear in your downloads list. Click on the file and your default calendar app will open to accept the schedule!

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