How to register for a payment plan

Registering for a payment plan is easy - just pick your program, pick your plan and you're set!

You'll notice if your program accepts payment plans on the program's profile. Programs can offer a variety of payment options, according to what the organizer has set up.



  • Click Register
  • Create your Account or Log In
  • Then select a Payment Plan or pay All Dues


⚠️ If you choose to pay all dues now, this is not easily reversible. If you plan on paying in installments at any point, make sure to choose the payment plan option. You can pay installments ahead of time (or the entire invoice) if you choose to do so. Only choose pay all dues now if you plan to pay the entire invoice at once. 


3.  If you have a private Payment Plan Code, you will enter it into the box and click Lookup Code.  This will display the Private Plan.  Select it, and agree to pay the installments to move forward.

To pay for upcoming installments, log in to your account, and click on dashboard. Here, under your registered activities, you'll see the payment plans that you're assigned to.

Clicking on View Payment Plan Installments will take you to an overview of your upcoming payments, their due dates, and how much is left to pay.  Clicking on Pay next installment will take you to a payment page where you can pay 1 or all installments.

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