How to utilize the calendar

You can create Events or Games and view them in one of two ways, as a List or as a Calendar. The best part is now you can download the schedule onto your computer or phone and access it on any major calendar on the go (including Google Calendar, iCalendar, and Microsoft Outlook). We also have articles explaining how to use the calendar as a coach, as well as an admin.

How to Utilize the Calendar for Parents/Users

The schedule can be found several ways, but the two universal ways are from your dashboard once you’ve logged in, or on the Program description.

  • Click on team name/view team details underneath the My Activities area
  • Click on My Schedule - located on the right-hand sidebar


This will be your view if you clicked on the team name/view team details. You can flip the views between Calendar (left) and List (right):


From the My Schedule view you can also select filters

  • View your schedule, you and your players combined, or just your players
  • Game & Events, Games only, or events only
  • View all of your events, or only games, practices, or meetings


Click on an event/game to view more details:

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