New Club Scheduling Experience

LeagueApps' transformed clubs scheduling experience is available for you to leverage alongside our existing functionality for registration, scorekeeping, standings, communications, and reporting. This experience features a condensed and simplified scheduler with a modern design and enhanced logistical information to make scheduling easier, and has been optimized for both desktop web and mobile web views. You can upgrade any existing or new grouped club program to use this new club scheduling experience.

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New Club Schedule Enhancements

  • Condensed and simplified schedule experience: Create season schedules for all of your club teams from one view.
  • Modern schedule experience: Drag and drop to edit the schedule from the calendar view.
  • Team Staff info elevated: You now have a clear view of which team staff members are scheduled throughout the season, and the team staff member name now appears on the calendar.
  • Automated communication directly to members: If turned on, push notifications are sent when the schedule is edited.

New Club Schedule Requirements

  • Your club schedule must be a grouped program. The new club scheduling experience currently is not available for standalone programs.
  • Your club schedule must be blank/empty to enable the new scheduling experience. The experience cannot be enabled in a program that already has a schedule created.

Access the New Club Scheduling

Calendar view

Go to the Manage dropdown in the top navigation menu, and select Clubs.

Choose which club where you want to build the schedule, and then select the Schedule or Calendar tab.

This will take you to the club scheduling grid, where you can schedule activities for all teams in your club program.

List View and Filters

You can also set up and manage your club schedules in the list view.

Filtering in list view gives you a big picture overview of your schedule based on different parameters:

Add Locations to the Schedule

Click the Manage Locations button on the schedule.

Select location(s) and sublocation(s) via dropdown to include in schedule. Click the Save button.

Schedule Activities

Once your locations are added, click the Create button to start scheduling activities.

You can schedule various iterations of activities:

  • Single activity
  • Recurring (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • All-Day
  • Game vs external

In the pop-up, select the Activity type you'd like to schedule, and fill in all other information including subprogram (if applicable), team, location, date, timing, frequency, any notes, and a custom title (if applicable). 


Edit Activities

You are able to edit scheduled activities in a few different ways. 

1. Drag & Drop: You can edit the activity's timing using drag and drop functionality directly on the calendar. 

2. Activity Card in Calendar View: If you click on a scheduled activity in the calendar view, you are able to edit any information. If it's a recurring activity, you'll have the option to edit one or all activities.

3. Edit in List View: If you toggle from the calendar to the list view, you are able to edit activities by hovering over them and clicking the Edit link.


Cancel Activities

If you'd like to cancel an activity, click the activity card and scroll to the bottom of the pop-up to access the Cancel Activity button. If it's a recurring activity, you will have the option to cancel one or all activities in that recurrence.


Send Change Notifications

If you'd like the option to send notifications whenever an activity is edited, click the Notify button to turn on the enable notifications toggle.

Once the activity is edited with notifications enabled, you will receive this pop-up to choose your notifications.


Publish Schedule

When you're ready to publish your schedule, click the Publish button and then enable the toggle next to Schedule is unpublished in order to publish the schedule.

Once the schedule is published, you will receive a confirmation pop-up with a link to the public schedule URL so you can view and copy it.

You can come back to the Publish button at any time to view the live schedule or toggle to unpublish your schedule.

Viewing the Live Schedule

You and your teams are able to view the public schedule from your website, the member portal, and LeagueApps mobile apps (LeagueApps Play and our branded apps).

Features Coming Soon

There are several exciting updates coming over the course of this summer, including:

  • AI-powered club schedule importer to make the import process seamless and error-free
  • Calendar improvements with new filters and week views to easily find the information you need
  • Resource management with location and staff availability inputs and conflict warnings to further automate your scheduling


Can I move between an existing club schedule and the new club scheduling?

A populated or published existing grouped club schedule can not be converted to the new club scheduling experience. An empty existing club schedule can be converted to the new club scheduling experience.

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