Lucid Travel Integration

Lucid Travel is a sports travel company designed to make booking & managing team hotels easier than ever before. Lucid partners with tournament directors to help them offer hotel discounts, earn additional revenue, communicate hotel deals with event attendees, and track reservations & rebates.

This integration enables tournament directors to connect their LeagueApps registration data to their Lucid Travel event. This allows directors to completely automate their hotel communication to tournament attendees. The hardest part of lodging management for tournament directors is not sourcing great deals, it's being able to effectively communicate the hotel booking link, lodging policy, and get clear reporting. With the integration, tournament directors can connect their registration contacts to Lucid Travel so that they can automatically receive hotel information and reminders.

How Will the Integration Work?

Once the integration has been set up, your organization will follow this process:

  1. Information about your linked programs and registration data will be sent from LeagueApps to Lucid on a regular schedule that you will determine.

  2. The Lucid Travel system will send out email campaigns to event attendees based on the Tournament Director's settings in Lucid.

    • All of the users of each registered team will receive a unique booking link for that particular event and team at the time that they are added to the Lucid event.

    • All of the users of each registered team will receive emails when added to the Lucid event as well as 60 days, 30 days, 14 days, and 7 days before the event check-in date with their unique booking link. Note: Users will not get these emails if a reservation with their email has been made for the corresponding event.

    • If the event is "Stay-to-Play", members who are registered as any type of staff role (can be defined with the Lucid team) will receive team reporting details on how many reservations have been documented for their team for that particular event, every Monday at 10am EST.

Setting Up the Integration

Step 1: Authenticate your LeagueApps site ID

1. From your LeagueApps Management Console, navigate to Connect > API settings.

2. Enter a name for your credentials, such as “Lucid Travel” and select the Generate Private API Key button. If you don't enter a name, the integration will not work. (Note: the Private API Key used to be called the Service Account Key.)


3. Once a private API key is generated, a file will be downloaded to your computer and a new record will appear in the API KEYS list on the page. The name of this file is also known as the client ID. You will need both this file and the client ID in a later step.

4. In a separate tab, navigate to Connect > Integration Center. Click into the Lucid Travel tile.

5. Next to the LeagueApps icon, select the "Connect" button. Supply your LeagueApps API credentials.

  • P12 file - Upload the private API key that you downloaded from the API Settings page. It is the form of a p12 file. For example, 60febf874c68s0wekbo203.p12.

  • Client ID - Paste the name of the private API key (aka p12 file) that you downloaded from the API Settings page. The client ID can also be found in the table on the API Settings page under “Key Name”. For example, 60febf874c68s0wekbo203.LSA-clientID.png

  • Site ID - Type in your Site ID. This is the string of 4 - 5 numbers found in your browser’s URL bar. For example, 42073.

Note: if you want to have the Lucid Travel integration set up on multiple different sites, you will need to repeat these steps for each site


Step 2. Authenticate your Lucid Travel account

1. Navigate to the Lucid Travel onboarding page and log in or register a new account.

  • If you're registering to sign up for the first time, select your role — such as tournament director or team — and fill out the list of required questions — these will be used by the Lucid Travel customer success team

2. From your Lucid account page, in the top navigation bar, go to More > Lucid API.



3. Choose "LeagueApps" from the drop down menu and select "Create API Key". This will generate an API Key and Secret Key which you'll use in the LeagueApps Integration Center.




4. Return to the LeagueApps Integration Center. Next to the Lucid Travel icon, select the "Connect" button. Copy the API Key and Secret Key from your Lucid Travel account and paste it into the popup window. Select "Next".


Step 3. Finish Setting Up the Integration

A. Set the sync schedule

1. From the Integration Center within LeagueApps, after you've connected both the LeagueApps and Lucid Travel accounts, you'll be taken to a page to set the sync schedule. The sync schedule is how frequently you want program data to sync over from LeagueApps to Lucid Travel. We suggest setting the sync to every 30 minutes, though you can set it to any frequency that you'd like.

2. Be sure that the sync is "unpaused".


3. Select "Save". At this point, the integration is ready to sync.


B. Create or update your programs in LeagueApps

1. In order for your program data to sync over to Lucid Travel, you'll need to add the Lucid Travel program code to any new or existing programs.

2. Within your program's dashboard, go to Settings > Edit Details. Set the Program Code equal to "LT". This is a required step in order for the integration to work. (Note: if you have another integration which uses a program code set up, you can separate the program codes by semi colons).


3. If a program does not have "LT" in the program, the program name will still be visible in your Lucid Travel account, but its information will not be accessed.

4. Set the staff roles - we suggest that you have a "coach" and "director" as the staff role options. However, this is not necessary for the integration to work. You can update staff roles for your site by hovering over the Settings icon at the very top of your dashboard, and then Staff roles.



C. Map your programs within Lucid Travel

1. Once your integration is set up in Step 3.1, program information will be sent from LeagueApps to Lucid Travel. To send programs over right away, from the Lucid Travel tile in the Integration Center, select the button "Sync Now". This will trigger a sync to happen immediately.


2. You now need to map your LeagueApps programs to your Lucid events. This means that you'll match up corresponding events.

3. Within your Lucid Travel account, navigate to "Mapping Tool" from the top navigation bar. At the top of the page, you'll see the LeagueApps programs that have "LT" in the program code. At the bottom of the page, you'll see all of your other LeagueApps programs.


4. Under "Active LeagueApps Programs", match each LeagueApps program with the Lucid Travel event that it should be linked to. If a corresponding Lucid Travel event doesn't already exist, you can select "Add New Event" from the dropdown, and then fill out that information.



5. Once all of the programs and events have been mapped, select "Save". You must click "Save" for the mapping to successfully happen. 


6. When you refresh the page, you'll see the Lucid event show up in the third column under "Confirmed Lucid Event".


7. Whenever a new registration is made on LeagueApps for a program that is synced with Lucid, or an existing registration is updated (i.e. someone in LeagueApps changes their email), that data gets sent to Lucid Travel. The frequency that data is sent over depends on the sync schedule you set up in Step 3 > A.

8. To see your LeagueApps registrants for a Lucid event within Lucid, select the Lucid event, navigate to Add Contacts > View Existing Contacts.

NOTE: This is only applicable if you're a tournament director. Team participants cannot see registrants on the Lucid Travel platform, so the "Add Contacts" button won't appear for them.


You also can manually add contacts to the event who did not register through LeagueApps.



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