Import LeagueApps Data Into Exposure

Exposure offers the ability to sync teams from a LeagueApps program into an Exposure event.  This means you can use LeagueApps for registration, but have the teams pushed into Exposure for scheduling. LeagueApps is a popular online registration solution for events like leagues, camps, tournaments and clinics. This syncs divisions, teams, coaches and players.


The following rules describe how syncing between Exposure and LeagueApps works.

  • Events are matched by Event Name, Event Start Date, Event End Date, Event City, and Event State.  If the event name from Exposure is found in the LeagueApps Event Name, then that is considered a match.  Example: 2018 Indy Invitational 14U-18U in LeagueApps will match Indy Invitational in Exposure.
  • If divisions are already added in Exposure, we will match on division name.  If no division is found then we add the division to the event along with the LeagueApps ID to it for future processing.
  • Teams are added to a new or current division along with the LeagueApps ID to it for future processing.  Staff from LeagueApps for the team will also be added to the team.
  • Deletions and Updates occur when the LeagueApps ID for a division or team isn't found anymore under the LeagueApps event.  We will not delete teams that have credits applied to them even if they are deleted on the LeagueApps side.  This same process occurs for coaches and players.
  • Teams marked as incomplete in LeagueApps will be marked as inactive in Exposure.
  • Each sync will overwrite anything updated in Exposure, so be sure to make coach and player updates through LeagueApps.

Integration Setup

The follow steps below show how to setup a global LeagueApps integration that can be used for one or more events.

  • Click Settings in main menu
  • Click Integrations in submenu
  • Click + Integration button
  • Complete fields and click Save button

Event Integration Setup

Once you setup a global LeagueApps integration, then it needs to be enabled on current and upcoming events. If you want it enabled for a certain event, do this from your Event Settings, if this will be used for all events under the Exposure account Global Settings would be quicker. Below shows both options.

Global Settings Setup: The below steps will enable LeagueApps for all current and upcoming events.

  • Click Settings in main menu
  • Expand LeagueApps section
  • Click Enable checkbox
  • Select All Updated Global Settings and click Save button

Event Settings Setup: The below steps will enable LeagueApps for a specific event.

  • Click Events in main menu
  • Click Event Name
  • Click Event Settings in submenu
  • Click Enable checkbox
  • Click Save button

If you want to set the LeagueApps Program ID manually, you can do so here also.  This should only be done if the rules fail above.


LeagueApps will be synced every hour and will process all events that have LeagueApps enabled.  However, if you want to process an event right away follow the steps below.

  • Click Events in main menu
  • Click Event Name
  • Click Event Settings in submenu
  • Open LeagueApps section
  • Check Enable, click Save button
  • Click Process button

If things didn't process correctly be sure your event name, event dates, event location and event division name or team names if they already exist in the event match.

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