NCSA College Recruiting Integration

NCSA College Recruiting is the world’s leading athletic recruiting service, providing hands-on guidance, college matching tools and a network of college coaches for tens of thousands of athletes each year on their path to college. You can now work with NCSA College Recruiting to help your student-athletes get recruited, and you can receive a percentage of their enrollment fees. Click here to learn more about how you can generate revenue by providing an opt-in during your athletes’ registration flow.

With more than 800 employees and a network of more than 35,000 college coaches, NCSA College Recruiting assists student-athletes in 34 different sports find their best path to college.

By creating a free NCSA College Recruiting Profile, athletes can:

  • Maximize their exposure to college coaches
  • Discover colleges and team roster openings
  • Access digital tools and online guidance from recruiting experts
  • Track college coach activity, including searches, views and follows

Below you will learn how to:

Add the NCSA College Recruiting Form Field to your Default Registration Settings

Add the NCSA College Recruiting Form Field to pre-existing programs on your LeagueApps account


There are 5 steps to completing this process.

1. Sign a contract with NCSA College Recruiting, if you aren't already an organizational partner
2. Authenticate your LeagueApps site IDs (2 minutes per site ID)
3. Authenticate your NCSA College Recruiting account (1 minute per site ID)
4. Update your registration flow (5 minutes per program)
5. Email and request they enable the NCSA College Recruiting script for your site IDs


Getting Started

Step 1:

Navigate to the integration Center.

Go to Connect > Integration Center and then find the NCSA College Recruiting tile and click on it. 



You need an active account with NCSA College Recruiting.

If you have one, then NCSA College Recruiting should have provided you a 5 digit account number. If you do not have an NCSA College Recruiting account, please fill in this form (this form is accessible by clicking on the NCSA College Recruiting tile as well in the screenshot above) and a LeagueApps team member will introduce you to an account manager at NCSA College Recruiting to help you get set up. The setup process simply requires signing a short contract, getting your event ID, and you're ready to enable the integration


Step 2:

Generate API credentials for your LeagueApps account. 

If you use sub-sites in LeagueApps, configuration must be done on each sub-site that requires an integration.

There are three credentials you’ll need for each sub-site, 1) an API Key / Client ID, 2) a P12 file, and 3) a Site ID.

  1. When you filled out the form above, a LeagueApps team member should have reached out to you. Let this person know which Site or Sub Site you are setting up the integration on and they will be able to grab the correct API Key, Client ID, P12 File, and Site ID for you. Your Site ID is the number at the end of the URL of your LeagueApps account when you log in. For example, the Site ID of the below URL example is 26692.Screen_Shot_2021-01-25_at_9.34.10_AM.png
  2. Send over the 5 digit event ID you got from NCSA College Recruiting to the LeagueApps Team Member as well
  3. That LeagueApps team member will set up the "behind the scenes" aspects of the integration that it needs to get going.


Step 3:

Updating your programs to include the NCSA College Recruiting opt-in field:

These are the steps you'll now need to take on your end to finish setting up the NCSA College Recruiting Integration. A specific form field will need to be added to each program you are working with so a registrant can "opt in" to NCSA College Recruiting.

*First, you'll want to update your default registration settings, so any program you create from that point forward will already have this opt in NCSA College Recruiting question included. 

To do so...

1. Go to go to settings > registration settings at the top of your management console


2. Click form fields at the top of your page


3. Click add a form field at the top of your page


4. In the Field Name Slot, enter this:

"Do you want to play sports in college and receive a FREE recruiting profile?" 


"Do you hope to help your players get recruited to play in college?"


*Which of the above you choose depends on whether you want to ask this question to players directly, or to their parents/guardians who are signing them up


5. Fill out the rest of the slots as follows:


6. Scroll down on the page to where your question now shows


7. Click add item to add answer choices, entering in the choices shown in the image above


*Next, you'll want to update your program form fields, so any program that has already been created has this question in it. Changing the Default Registration settings in the above step is NOT retroactive, so any existing programs will need to have the question manually added


To add this form field question to an existing program....


1. When you log into your management console, go to manage > programs at the top of your screen.

2. Click into the program you are working with to get to the program dashboard

3. Click settings > form fields within it


4. Repeat the steps above to add the question to the individual program

5. If this is a Grouped Program, you must do this within each sub program. Each sub program has its own form fields, found by going to settings > form fields within it. 





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