How To Validate Your USA Lacrosse Number

Many of our lacrosse partners require their members have a valid USA Lacrosse membership in order to register for their programs. The USA Lacrosse-LeagueApps integration cross references several pieces of information from our software against its database to ensure your membership is valid.

Validation Points

  • Child’s First Name
  • Child’s Last Name
  • Child’s Birthdate
  • Child’s Zip Code
  • Email Address on file
  • The USA Lacrosse Number
  • The Expiration date, against the end date of the program (child cannot have the USA Lacrosse number expire before the program ends)

Click the link below to check the USA Lacrosse Data Base for your information:

How to troubleshoot errors

If your USA Lacrosse membership is rejecting during registration in LeagueApps, please doublecheck all of the above pieces of information are the same in LeagueApps as they are in the USA Lacrosse database.

The data must be an exact match — even an errant extra space can cause the validation to fail.

If you find a discrepancy, edit your child's information in LeagueApps or the USA Lacrosse database.

Membership expiration

If your USA Lacrosse membership expires before the program ends, your validation will also fail. If you encounter this error, please contact USA Lacrosse to have your membership extended beyond the program's end date.

USA Lacrosse can be reached at


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