Custom Team Registration Settings

Custom Team Registration Settings allow LeagueApps administrators to define some registration options on a team level, giving organizers the ability to highly customize a single program by Team rather than creating a large grouped program with many subprograms.

When creating a Club, League, or Tournament in LeagueApps, registration options are set for the program as a whole. When adding teams to the program, Team Registration Settings allows each team to use the program-level settings or custom settings and pricing.

Team Registration Settings is most typically used with Tryout and Club Team programming, though its versatility can be expanded to many other scenarios.

Customizable Settings

The following are the settings that can be customized for each team if you choose to use Custom Registration Settings and Pricing:

  • Pricing & Payment Plans: Create a custom price for a team with flexible payment plans.
  • Processing Fee: Add a percentage or flat-dollar amount to each payment.
  • Additional Team Fee: Enforce an additional fee for the team captain or program staff to pay.
  • Age Limit Restriction: Only allow registrations for players within a certain age range.
  • Team Capacity Rules: Control the number of players that can register to a team. 

The following settings cannot be customized per team using Custom Team Registration Settings and Pricing. If you require the below items to be custom per team, we recommend using Grouped Programs and creating a Sub-Program per team. 

  • Waivers
  • Registration Form Field Questions

Set up Custom Team Registration 

Programs utilizing Team Registration Settings must be created in a specific order. If this order is not followed, your teams may be misconfigured which can lead to registration and payment issues for your participants.

Once created, you can edit teams or create more teams. But additional payment plans should always be created before new teams are added.

Failure to follow this order may result in the need to delete teams and recreate them.

Step 1: Create a Program

  • From the LeagueApps Management Console, click Create a new program under Quick Links.


  • Select Club, Tournament, or League


Program Level Registration Settings

Edit Details

  • Fill in basic details for the program such as Program Name, Sport, Gender, Activity Dates, Registration Dates, and a Description. For more on these settings, click here.
⚠️ The Program Name will typically be an over-arching name that covers all of your teams; e.g., Surf City 2021 Spring Teams.
  • Next click Save and Edit Options

Registration Options

  • Ensure that Enable Custom Team Pricing & Registration Rules is checked on.
⚠️ If you don't see this option please contact support and ask to have Team Registration Settings enabled.


  • Registration Options: The settings on this page will essentially be the default settings for all teams in the program, though the following can be customized by team:
    • Team pricing
    • Processing fee (optional)
    • Additional team fee (optional)
    • Age restriction (optional)
    • Team capacity (optional)
  • Allowed Registration Types: 
    • Program staff: Optional
    • Individuals: Typically unchecked
    • Allow players to register for team directly: Required
    • Allow adults/parents to register for this program as players: Typically unchecked

Typical Allowed Registration Types for programs using Team Registration Settings:


Default Program Pricing

Though pricing can be configured by team when using Team Registration Settings, it is still important to establish a default. This will act as a fallback pay-in-full price should a team be misconfigured in a later step. 

Establish the following settings:

  • This Program is pay based: Toggle this to on
  • Who is responsible for making team payments?: Allow team players to share team fee
  • Enforce team players to share team fee.: Check this box
  • How are team fees determined? Variable team fee.
  • Price Per Player: Set this to the most common pay-in-full price for your teams. (This will be customized by team later.)
  • Processing Fee: Set this according to your preferences.mceclip0.png
  • After setting your Registration Options, click Save Options & Edit Payment Plans.

Step 2: Create Payment Plans

Now you can create payment plans that can apply to all of your teams or only certain teams. If you have many varying price points for your teams, this step could take some time. It is important to correctly configure your payment plans as they will define when your customers are automatically charged for their installments.

For more information on creating Payment Plans, click here

Payment Plan Settings

  • Click the +Add Payment Plan Button
  • Name: Label your payment plans clearly for yourself and your customers; e.g. 6th Grade Boys Installment Plan
  • Type of role this payment plan is for: Team Player
  • Payment plan is available for: Choose if this plan will apply to all teams or select teams
  • Require first payment during registration: Check this box if you require your registrants to make an initial payment in order to join the team. Leaving this box unchecked will allow members to join a team without payment.
  • Strictly enforce first payment during registration.: Check this box if you require your registrants to make an initial payment immediately.
  • Require Auto Pay enrollment: Check this box if you require your registrants to store a payment method in order to complete registration.
⚠️ Tip: Enabling all three of the previous settings is the best way to ensure your teams are 100 paid for by season's end. Registrants will be required to make an initial payment and store a payment method to be auto-billed for the remaining installments.
  • Processing Fee: Establish a processing fee according to your preferences. The setting here will apply to each installment.
  • Reminders: Establish reminder settings according to your preferences. 


Adding Installments

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add an installment link
  • Enter the amount due, due date, and processing fee (if necessary)
  • Repeat these steps until all installments have been created.


  • Once finished, you can go to several places:
    • Click Update & add another plan to begin creating a new payment plan
    • Click Update plan & create a Team to begin creating your teams
    • Or under Settings click Payment Plans to view your list of created plans. From this page, you can also copy an existing plan.                                             

Step 3: Create Teams

It's all come to this! Now that your program settings are configured and payment plans are created, you can create Teams for players and program staff to register. At this step, you can customize the settings for each team.

How to add a team

  • Click Teams at the top
  • Then click  +Add a Team
  • Enter a name for a specific team

Select team settings

  • Team Registration Rules and Pricing:
    • Program settings and pricingThis team will be defined by the program settings you established in Step 1.
    • Custom settings and pricing: This team will be defined by custom settings (most common).

If you selected Custom, continue to configure the following settings where necessary. In some cases you may want the following settings to pull from the program settings:

  • Variable Team Fee: Set this to the team's pay-in-full price. Your members will be given the option to "Pay all dues now" or select a payment plan.
  • Processing Fee: Add a percentage or flat-dollar amount to each payment.
  • Age Limit Restriction (optional): Only allow registrations for players within a certain age range.
  • Team Capacity Rules (optional): Control the number of players that can register to a team.

Assign Payment Plans to Teams

  • If you created Payment Plans and are using Custom Settings and Pricing for a team, you will be given the option to assign plans to specific teams that you create. 
  • If a payment plan was set to All Teams you will not be able to de-select the plan for any teams within the program. If you want to remove a plan from a team, go back to the payment plan and change the setting to Select Teams.
  • If you have more teams to create, click Save & add another team. If you're all done, click Save
  • Lastly, make sure you perform a test registration to ensure all is working as intended.

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Can you copy programs or teams that used Custom Team Registration settings?

If you copy a Classic Program or Sub Program within a Grouped Program - you will have the option to Copy Teams and teams will copy with settings but players will not copy. 

If you are copying a Master Program on a Grouped Program, then Teams do not Copy. 

Session-based programs

Please note that Custom Team Pricing & Registration Rules are not available for Session-Based Programs as Session-Based Programs do not support Teams/Groups.

A team has the wrong pricing configuration

In Step 3 of this article a team was given Program Settings instead of Custom Settings, the team must be deleted and recreated.

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