Roster Settings

LeagueApps automatically creates rosters when Players and Coaches register onto a team or into a group. One simplified process makes it easy to collect all roster information during registration so you can display headshots, contact information, jersey numbers, positions, and more on your digital web roster.

Getting Started

Players and coaches must be registered to a Team or Group in order to be on a roster. 

⚠️ The term Team can be customized (i.e. Tryout Group or Pod) by going to the Settings within the program and clicking Preferences.  For this article, we will refer to them as Teams for clarity.
  • To create or view a program's teams/groups, click Teams or Groups on the program navigation bar (what you see here depends on the program type).  
  • Participants can register for teams directly, or they can be moved onto a team after registration.

Visibility Settings

You can control who can see rosters within the member portal and publicly on your website, by going to Settings within the program and clicking on Preferences.

  • Team Details Visibility: Keep rosters private.  Use this setting to prevent Players & Staff from navigating to their Team Roster.  Checking it ON will hide the Team Page link from your member's dashboards, in the Member Portal, and in the Play App.  You can uncheck this setting at any time to enable visibility to your Coaches, Players, and Parents.
⚠️ This hides the roster from ALL Team Members, including Program Staff (coaches).


  • Team Roster Visibility: Who can see your Rosters? This setting defines who can view the players on a roster from a Team's page on your website. 


  • Everyone: accessible by anyone, including those not logged into your site.
  • Logged in users: accessible by anyone with a LeagueApps Login for your site.
  • Team Members: accessible only by those on the same team, including Program Staff.
  • All Team Staff: accessible only by all staff members, and excludes any team captains, players, and parents
  • Primary Staff: accessible only by the one primary staff person that has been designated for a specific team, and excludes any other team staff members, team captains, players, and parents

Customize your Rosters

With Teams set up and visibilities determined, you can now customize the web and print rosters.  Navigate to the Roster Settings page by hovering over the Teams navigation menu item, and selecting Roster Settings.

How to Use the Rosters Setting Page

On this page, specify which Staff & Player information to display on a digital website roster or a printed roster. 

There are four different sections to customize:

  • Staff Info: Choose which details to display for registered staff members.
  • Player Info: Choose which details to display for registered players.  You can also use the designated checkbox to tell the system if you prefer to have the Parent or Player's contact info (mobile number, email address) displayed. Parent information will be displayed by default.
  • Custom Registration Form Fields: Choose up to five fields that were collected from players and staff during registration for this program.
⚠️ Add these in the order you wish for them to be displayed. To reorder, reset each field back to blank (--) starting from the bottom and then re-select in the preferred order. 


  • Custom Member Form Fields: Choose up to five fields that were collected from players and staff when they created a LeagueApps account.  
⚠️ Add these in the order you wish for them to be displayed. To reorder, reset each field back to blank (--) starting from the bottom and then re-select in the preferred order. 

Roster Settings

There are four columns in the roster settings.

  • Field: The item to be displayed.
  • Visibility: This is who can see the selected field.
    • Public: visible to anyone, including those without a profile on your site
    • Team Members Only: visible by logged-in members who are registered to the team
    • Staff Only: visible to program staff members only
    • Primary Staff Only: visible by primary program staff only
  • Include in Website Roster: The Website Roster is located on the Team Page.
  • Include in Printed Roster: Admins and Program Staff have access to a printer-friendly version of rosters. 

Print Settings & Printing Rosters in the Admin Console

You can change the color of your roster, add a logo, and determine who has access to printing. 

  • Under Logo & Color, choose a background color, foreground color, and a unique logo for each program's rosters.
  • Under Printing Authorization Rules, choose which administrators have access to printing a roster. You may also prohibit all program staff from printing rosters. 

Print all team roster's directly from the admin console:

  • Click Teams (or your custom Teams label) in the program's navigation bar
  • From here, you may print all team rosters at once by clicking the Print All Team Rosters button in the top-right

Print single team's roster:

  • Click on the Team's name whose roster you want to print.
  • Click Print Team Roster in the middle of the page

Roster Deadline and Status

Setting a roster deadline in a league or tournament is a great way to make sure your Program Staff (Coach, Program Director) are submitting their team rosters by the time that you need them. Follow the steps below to activate a roster deadline in your program(s). You'll also see how you can filter/message based on team's Roster Status and what the roster deadline looks like to Program Staff.

Turn on Program Staff Settings

  1. Turn on your Site-Wide Program Staff Role Settings by hovering over the Settings icon, and selecting Staff Roles.  
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the Staff Member(s) that will be allowed to submit rosters and check on "Members with this role are allowed to submit roster"

  3. Then turn on the Program Staff option under 'Allowed Registration Types' in the Registration Options section of any program(s). 

Turn on a Roster Deadline Within Your Program(s)

Roster deadline settings are located on the program's Registration Options page.

  1. Navigate to the desired program dashboard, hover over Settings and click on Registration Options. If sub-programs, registration options live at the sub-program level.
  2. Once on the Registration Options page, scroll down to the Roster Submission Settings.f5d6eff3-69a5-4baa-af2a-fb62b80375f6.png
  3. From here you can set up the following: 
    • Enable Roster Submission: This setting allows the Program Staff to officially submit their team's roster to the program
    • Roster Submission Deadline: This is the date that all submitted rosters are due. This setting is optional.
    • Lock Roster Upon Submission: This ensures that after Program Staff submit their roster, it's locked and can not be edited or changed. This setting can be turned off at any time and Program Staff can edit and resubmit their roster.
    • Allow roster submission for complete teams only: If this setting is on, Program Staff can only submit a roster if their team is considered Complete by the program's registration rules (found under Registration Options).
    • Send Admin Notification Emails Upon Roster Submission: When this setting is on, the selected admin level and above will receive a notification email each time a roster is submitted.
⚠️ If you want all of your programs to have a Roster Deadline then you can save the Roster Submission settings in your site's Default Registration Settings.

How to Filter and Message by Roster Submission Status

Admins have the ability to send a bulk reminder email to any Program Staff who hasn't submitted a roster.

  1. From the 'Teams' tab in a program, each team has a status of either Roster Submitted or Roster NOT Submitted. Filter by Rosters NOT Submitted.d5ccd782-fb3c-4def-81ec-dff9d9585846.png
  2. Then select the check box next to each team that you want to send an email reminder. You can also select the check box to the left of the Bulk Action tool to select all teams from your filtered results.
  3. When you have your teams selected, click on Bulk Action then click Message Teams.
  4. After clicking Message Teams you'll be prompted to select which Program Staff you want to send to, along with adding a custom Subject Line and Message to the email notification.

Program Staff/Coach View of Roster Submission and Deadline

Your program staff will see a Submit Roster button and the roster deadline date from their team's roster page:


After submitting the roster your Program Staff will see the date that their roster was submitted.


⚠️ If the setting to lock rosters after submitting is OFF, then your Program Staff will continue to see the Add/Invite buttons on their roster even after they've submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions & Tips

By tagging a form field as a Jersey Number or Position, its placement will be optimized on the digital roster (shown in its own column on the roster). 

This is configured at the program level by hovering over Settings and clicking on Form Fields. You will see a tag dropdown option on each form field where you can assign the appropriate tag.

How can LeagueApps Admins use Rosters?

  • Program-by-program, control visibility of every detail displayed on a roster, from Phone Number to Player Pictures, etc.
  • Control Coach access to a roster - limit a coach to just "View" a roster or give him/her access to edit, print or submit a roster. 
  • Player visibility for college recruiting.

How can Registered Coaches use Rosters?

  • Manage rosters by inviting, adding, or copying players to their team/s.
  • Communicate with a team or individuals by email, call, or text.
  • Print or Submit a roster once it's finalized.

How can Players & Parents use Rosters?

  • View Players & Staff information, such as Position and Jersey Number
  • Access contact information (email, call, text) for players and coaches.
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