Org Enterprise Metrics Dashboard

The Org-level Enterprise Metrics dashboard shows you all-time member data, such as how long they’ve played, and how much money they’ve spent, which programs they started in, etc. across all of your LeagueApps sites. This includes sums and averages that will allow you to set benchmarks and garner insights for your organization. The organization-level Enterprise Metrics Dashboard does not include any data from free programs. If you only have one site in your organization, it will just display that site’s data.


To view this report, navigate to the Reporting icon and select the Reports option under the Analytics header. Then, navigate to the Registrations & Members dropdown in the left-sidebar and select Enterprise Metrics

The top of this dashboard includes data definitions, so you know exactly what all of these enterprise metrics mean.

The data highlighted at the top of this dashboard shows you high-level enterprise metrics, such as average member lifetime and average payment per registration. Since these are for all-time, they can allow you to set comprehensive benchmarks.

Enterprise Metrics Highlight Numbers.png

Total and Average Amount Paid by Graduation Cohort and Program Start Date

Separated by graduation year, and then the year of the first program start date, this chart allows you to see how much each cohort paid in total and on average to your organization.

Graduation is calculated by analyzing the registered athlete’s birth year and adding 18 to that year. The darker the color orange, the higher the value.

To expand or condense any of the graduation data, select the Plus or Minus symbol within ‘Graduation Year.’ Any of the columns can be sorted by selecting the arrow in the column title, and choosing which sort option you would like to use. 

Enterprise Metrics Graduation Cohort.png

Enterprise Metrics by Program Type of First Registration

This chart gives insight into how the first registered program type affects data like a member's average lifetime in your organization, their yearly customer value, and more. The darker the color green, the higher the value.

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Enterprise Metrics by Graduation Year

This chart shows how a member's graduation year affects data like a member's average lifetime in your organization, their yearly customer value, and more. The darker the color blue, the higher the value.

Enterprise Metrics Graduation Year.png


Exporting, Bookmarks, Sending, and Scheduling

These charts can be exported or filtered by hovering over the top right corner of the chart and selecting your desired options.

If you added any filters to customize this report to your needs, you can save that filtered report as a bookmark so that you are able to access it in the future. You can bookmark the report by clicking the bookmark dropdown in the bottom right of the report and selecting Save as new bookmark.

You can also save one of your Bookmarks as the default, so that bookmarked filtered report that will open when you navigate to that specific Analytics report.

⚠️ Currently, bookmarks cannot be scheduled to send. You are able to export your bookmarked report at any given time, but cannot schedule it to send ahead of time.


This report can be exported by selecting the arrow next to the Export Enterprise Metrics tab in the bottom left corner of the screen, and you can also schedule or email reports by clicking the three horizontal lines then selecting Schedule export or Send now.

You can choose to schedule exports at specific days and times, and with specific conditions (e.g. only if new data has occurred). 

Schedule Send Conditions.png

You can then choose email addresses—whether they’re part of your organization or not—to send it to, and the cadence you would like the export to occur at. Depending on the report or dashboard, you can export the data as CSV, Excel, or PDF. 

Schedule Send File Type and Days.png

⚠️ Be sure that the Run queries as recipient checkbox is not checked when sending reports to any recipients besides yourself.


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