How to run a test registration

Once a program is created, going through a test registration is a great way to audit that program and make sure everything is set up correctly on the back end of your site. 

Performing a test registration is a critical and final step in program creation to ensure your members can sign up and pay without any issues. Being proactive in testing will reduce the number of questions and issues your members encounter once registration has opened.

Step 1: Navigate to program dashboard.

  1. Find the program you need to test
  2. On the left side of the program's dashboard under Main Details you will see the program's URL. This is link you can distribute to members to have them register. 
    ⚠️ The public program link is different than the link to program in your administrator dashboard. If you distribute the administrator link, your members will not able to register!
  3. Click the View button to see the program's public registration landing page.

Step 2: Proceed through registration

  1. One the program's landing page, click Register.
  2. Proceed through registration, making note of any program details, form fields, waivers and pricing options that will need changing.

Step 3: Make edits and test again

  1. Once you're through the first test, go back to your program and make any necessary edits.
  2. Delete your test registration from the player or staff list then test the program again!
  3. It's best to keep performing tests until everything is to your liking.
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