Membership Rules for Your Programs

LeagueApps allows you to set membership rules for any of your programs. For example, you can set a rule that requires players to have a basic membership plan in order to register for a program.

Step 1

Log in to your LeagueApps admin console and make sure your membership status settings (Settings > Membership) are defined for your site.

Step 2

Then, hover over the Manage tab, select All programs, then click the registration options for the program you want to update the membership rules for. You can also navigate into the program hover over Settings and click on Registration Options.

Step 3

In the membership rules section, set the specific rules.

  • Membership status is required to register (Settings > Membership)
  • Automatically assign required membership status during registration
  • Charge additional membership fee of $_______.


On your public site, you will now see the label for the membership required to register for this particular program. When registering you will see the updated membership fee as well as the membership status required for the program.


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