Program Preferences

You can control various preferences for each specific program. These preferences allow you to tailor which features are used/displayed and you can customize label settings.  Find this section for each program on the program's dashboard by going to Settings and selecting Preferences.

Schedule and Standings Related Preferences

Enable the Schedule Tool and choose visibility settings. By using the Program Schedule you can choose to: Allow staff to add/edit events, Use Standings, Allow registrants to RSVP, and Enable the Check-in Attendance tool.


Game/Event Reminder Email

Choose the frequency that Calendar Event/Game Reminders are sent to registered participants. 

Attendee List & Member Matching

Show registered participants to Everyone, Captains Only or turn it Off. 

Team Assignments

Take advantage of the option to Hide Team Assignments from Players


Use Divisions so teams can be assigned to a division and standings can be displayed and calculated per division. Learn more about Divisions.


Check the box, if you want to include a Facebook 'Like' button on Program Profiles

Custom Labels

For greater customization, enter new labels for the following terms: Free Agents, Small Groups, Teams, Captains, Processing Fees, Additional Team Fee, Division and Schedule.


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