LeagueApps Gateway FAQ

Below are the most frequently asked questions about LeagueApps Gateway. 

My Gateway is UNVERIFIED, what do I do?
How do I fix a failed bank transfer?
Why do you need my SSN and EIN?
Why do you need information on the business owner?
How do I play my LeagueApps bill?
When will money be deposited into my bank account?
What payment methods can I accept?
How do I process a refund?
How do I qualify for non-profit rates?
How do I handle disputes?
How do I change my bank account?
How do I view Amount Collected and Bank Transfers?
What will a customer see on their credit card statement?
What will my organization see on our bank statements?
Do I have a Merchant Account ID Number?


My Gateway is UNVERIFIED, what do I do?

You will receive an email prompting you to provide additional information to verify your account. Use the link in the email or login to your admin console and follow these directions.
- Click [Reporting] > [Gateway Dashboard]
- Click [UNVERIFIED] in the top right corner



- Then follow the prompts to supply the missing information. 


How do I pay my LeagueApps bill?

You don't have a LeagueApps bill. The credit card fees and LeagueApps fees are taken out of each payment instantly.

What payment methods can I accept through LeagueApps Gateway?

At this time you are able to accept payments from Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards.

How do I process a refund?

Refunds are made directly in the LeagueApps console from an invoice. Generally, you have to wait 24 hours after a payment is collected to issue a refund and have up to 365 days after a payment is made to issue a refund. Refunds will automatically be deducted from your gateway balance.

If your gateway account does not have a positive balance, the refunded amount will be withdrawn from your connected bank account. 

I am a non-profit organization, how do I qualify for non-profit rates?

We can offer non-profit pricing, but first, we need proper 501(c)3 documentation. Your Launch Coach or Account Manager can help you get set up with the non-profit rate once you provide your official documentation.

How do you handle disputes?

You will be notified via email anytime a dispute occurs and all disputes can be viewed through your Gateway Dashboard. An action is required on your behalf within 5 days of a dispute to either accept or challenge the dispute. LeagueApps facilitates the submission of evidence on your behalf to the customer's bank or credit card company. The bank then makes a final decision on the dispute and you will be notified via email. 

Read more about disputes. 

How do I change my bank account information?

You can update your bank account information by logging into LeagueApps, then navigating to your LeagueApps Gateway Dashboard. On the [Account Information] tab of the Dashboard, there will be a [Change Bank Information] button where you can edit your bank account.


How long does it take for funds to be deposited into my bank account?

Funds will be transferred to your bank account every 2 days after the initial verification process, which can take up to 7 business days. 

For example, if you process your first transaction on April 1st. All charges from April 1st to April 7th (7-day verification window) will be transferred and deposited to your bank on April 9th. Transactions from April 8th will be transferred on April 10th. Transactions from April 9th will be deposited on April 11th. 

NOTE: weekends do not count towards the 2 or 7-day window, only business days (weekdays excluding national holidays where banks are closed).

Transactions are batched together for a bank transfer at 8pm EST. The 8pm cutoff cannot be changed. LeagueApps Gateway is powered by Stripe. Stripe is a global treasury network working with a wide variety of banking partners to insure money can be paid out to users bank accounts in a timely manner. Banks have specific cutoff times for when payout submission needs to be made, if missed Stripe banking partners cannot guarantee payout processing according to the agreed time and there could be delays. Stripe has a global process of batching payments at 8pm (EST) to ensure all banks cutoff times are met and that payouts are delivered as soon as possible. 


How do I view my Gateway Account details, such as Amount Collected and next Transfer Date and Amount?

The LeagueApps Gateway Dashboard gives you access to view account information, incoming funds, bank transfers, lifetime volume, payment listings, account balance and disputes. Learn more about the Dashboard here.

Why do you need my SSN and EIN?

In order for the Gateway account to be verified, a company representative's SSN and the Business' EIN are required. The company representative is not held responsible or liable for any of the account's activity/collection. Submission of a company representative's information is required to set up a gateway account and process online payments. 

Why do you need information on the business owner?

In order for to comply with new federal regulation, information about the business owner may be required to process online payments. These are often referred to as Beneficial Owner or Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements use to prevent fraud.  More information can be found on the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network website. 

What will a customer see on their credit card or bank statements?

The text that displays on credit card and bank statements is called a "Statement Descriptor." Statement descriptors can vary based on how you have your payment gateways configured and what type of transactions are being processed. 

Credit & Debit Card Transactions: If your LeagueApps account uses one organizational-level payment gateway, then the statement descriptor (what shows on a credit card statement) will be the name of the organization in LeagueApps.

If your LeagueApps account uses subsite-level payment gateways, then the name of the sub-site in LeagueApps will display on the customer's bank statement. 

ACH/Bank Payments: This transaction type cannot not use the same statement descriptor as credit/debit card transactions. Instead the statement descriptor for ACH payments will display “Sports Fee LeagueApps”. 

Important Notes:

- The bank/credit card company is in charge of the final statement descriptor and while most banks display this information consistently, some may display it incorrectly or not at all.

- Statement descriptors cannot be customized per account and cannot be more than 22 characters. Many statement descriptors will be cutoff, if the organization or site name is more than 22 characters. 

What will I see on my statements?

If you have a connected LeagueApps Gateway Account, bank deposits will be labeled as "LeagueApps Inc" and may vary slightly depending on your bank. 

I have a Failed Bank Transfer, how do I fix it?

Failed Bank Transfers can happen for a variety of reasons. To list a few:
- Incorrect bank account number was entered
- Savings account was entered (only Checking Accounts will work)
- Your bank rejected the deposit
- There was an issue with your bank at the time of the transfer
- Your bank account will not permit withdrawals, which is necessary in order to process refunds. 

Most failed transfers are reconciled by updating your bank account in LeagueApps. Login to your LeagueApps Admin Console, there will be a notification on your main dashboard.  Click the notification to go to directly to your Gateway Dashboard. 


Then click [Change Bank Information] and re-enter the desired checking account.

The failed transfer will automatically be reprocessed in 1-2 business days.


Do I have a Merchant Account ID number?

With LeagueApps Gateway we've simplified the complexities of payment processing, so there is no need for a Merchant Account ID. If you need this for any forms or documentation, you should be able to leave this field blank or use the email address associated with your LeagueApps Gateway account (this is the closest account identifier to a Merchant ID.)

I have more questions, how can I get more help?

We’re always happy to help. You can email us directly at support@leagueapps.com for any specific LeagueApps Gateway questions.

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