Issuing credits to site members is an alternative to issuing refunds and a way to encourage repeat business. A member can have a running total of credit to use toward future registrations.

Site-Level Setting

  • From your Management Console, place your mouse over Settings
  • Then click Registration Settings
  • Look for Allowances for Special Discounts
  • Check the box for Allow Site Credit
  • Click Save Rules

⚠️ Enabling Site Credits at the site level will automatically allow Site Credits for all new programs that are created. If you do not allow site credits as a site-wide setting, you can manage this setting within each program's Registration Options.

Program-Level Setting

  • From your Management Console, go to Manage
  • Then Click All Programs
  • Find the program you want to edit and click on its name
  • From the program's dashboard, place your mouse over Settings then click Registration Options


  • Look for Allowances for Special Discounts
  • Depending on your preferences, check or uncheck the box for Allow Site Credit
  • Click Save Options
⚠️ This change will affect only the program or subprogram in which the edit was made. You will need to repeat these steps as necessary for other programs.

How to Add Credit to a Member's account

From a Member Profile

  • Go to Manage
  • Then click Members
  • Search for the member's name and click the name
  • In the Member Details, you will find a Credits & Invoices section
  • Click Add Credit button to add or edit the member's credit balance


  • After clicking Add Credit you can change the amount, add a description, and set an expiration date for the credit.

From an Invoice

  • Go to Reporting
  • Then click Invoices
  • Using the filters, search for the member's invoices
  • Once found, click on the invoice #
  • Under Actions in the top right, click Issue Site Credit.
  • Enter the desired credit amount and click Submit.


How to Manage Site Credits

  • You can view, edit or export all of your existing credits, go to Manage
  • Then click Credits
⚠️ Tip: This page does not have a search tool, but you can quickly search using your browser's search function: Control+F on PC or Command+F on Mac.

Available actions:

  • Edit: Click the pencil icon to edit a member's credit balance
  • Delete: Click the X icon to delete a member's credit balance
  • Export: Click the Export to CSV button to export a list of all site credits.


What do credits look like for registrants?

Credits will be applied when a program is set to accept credits and a user has credits in the system. If both of these are in place, during registration a credit option will appear. The user will have the option to select "Yes, use my credit."

Members can also view their credit balance via the member portal.

Apply Credit as Admin

Members can only apply credits during registration (not after), though admins can apply credits to any type of invoice.

  • Go to Reporting
  • Then click Invoices
  • Using the filters, find the invoice to which credit should be applied
  • Under Actions in the top right, click Apply Site Credit


  • A prompt will appear informing you of the member's credit balance
  • Enter the amount you want to apply then click Submit 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can members must apply credits after registration or once they've been invoiced?

No, members can only apply a credit during registration. Share the following help page with members so they know where to look: How to redeem your site credit

Can a member use both a credit and a discount during registrations?

No, A discount code can not be used with a credit — a member can only use one or the other.

Can a member use a credit for a product or booking?

No, though an admin can apply a credit to any type of invoice (see above).

What happens to the processing fee when a credit fully covers the program cost?

When a program has a processing fee and a member has a credit that fully covers the program's registration fee, the processing fee will be waived by default. 

To turn this feature off, navigate to Settings and click Site Settings. Then uncheck the Waive Processing Fee amount on fully discounted and/or fully credited registration invoices setting. 

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