How do I set Statement Descriptors?

Statement Descriptors give Org Account Owners the ability to customize what their members will see on their bank as well as credit/debit card statements after the member makes a payment to the organization using LeagueApps. Accounts using LeagueApps Gateway are able to set up the “Full Statement Descriptor” during onboarding, and then update it going forward if needed. 

What are Statement Descriptors?

Statement Descriptors are the text in your credit/debit card and bank statements that describes the Merchant where a given purchase was made. They often have abbreviated words and asterisks separating different sections of the descriptor.

Navigate to Your LeagueApps Gateway Dashboard

If you are the Org Account Owner, go to your LeagueApps Gateway Dashboard under the Reporting tab.


Click the Statement Descriptors tab on the right side.



Update the Full Statement Descriptor & Prefix


Rules for the Full Statement Descriptor

  • This Full Statement Descriptor will appear on statements for all payments that are using this LeagueApps Gateway Account.
    • The exception to this rule is if you have many sites that use this LeagueApps Gateway Account, and you choose to set a Site Level Descriptor (see below) for one or more of those sites.
  • The Full Statement Descriptor must:
    • Be between 5-22 characters in length
    • Contain at least one letter
    • Not contain the special characters <, >, ", ', /, . or *
  • All descriptors are automatically capitalized to match what will show up on the member's actual statement.

Rules for the Statement Descriptor Prefix + Site Level Descriptors

  • If you are using Site Level Descriptors, you must first set the Statement Descriptor Prefix. The prefix will be combined with the Site Level Descriptor to form the statement descriptor that members will see on their statement.
  • The Statement Descriptor Prefix and Site Level Descriptors will only appear on account statements for card payments; not ACH (Bank Account) payments.
  • The Statement Descriptor Prefix must:
    • Be between 2-10 characters in length
    • Not contain the special characters <, >, ", ', /, . or *
    • The combined Statement Descriptor Prefix + Site Level Descriptor must be less than 21 characters long.
⚠️ For ACH (Bank Account) Payments, only the Full Statement Descriptor will be used; not the site-level statement descriptor.


Update Site-Level Statement Descriptors


The Org Account Owner will see a list of all sites tied to the organization using LeagueApps Gateway, where they can setup site-level descriptors.

⚠️ If a site has its own League Apps Gateway Account, a link to that account will be shown on the Org Level Statement Descriptors page. The Site-level Payment Descriptors page will only include the Full Statement Descriptor, as this is the only field you will need to customize the descriptor for, if a site has its own League Apps Gateway account.


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