How to Use Discount Codes

Discount Codes are custom codes that you can create within LeagueApps and distribute to your members for use during registration. They can be a percentage or a flat dollar amount, and when used will lower the invoice amount before payment is collected. Automated multi-sibling/team/program discounts can be created under special circumstances by contacting

Types of Discount Codes

Universal Discount Codes

These discount codes can be used within any program within your site, and are best for recurring codes that will be used throughout multiple seasons or sessions.  You can manage these by placing your mouse over Manage on the top navigation menu and then clicking Discount Codes.

Program-Specific Discount Codes

These discount codes will only work within the program they are created in. You can manage these by going to Settings and then clicking on Discount Codes within the Program you need the discount for. The discount code will be stored in the Master Program if grouped. 

Automated Discount Codes

If you need a discount to automatically apply under special circumstances, we can help!  These have to be installed by a LeagueApps support specialist, so please contact if you're interested in this type of discount. 

Creating Discount Codes

Step 1: Decide which type of code you need

  • For a Universal Discount Code, place your mouse over Manage on the top navigation menu, and then click Discount Codes.  Click on the green + Add a Universal Discount Code button located in the top left of the page.
  • For a Program Specific Discount Code, navigate to the Program Dashboard, place your mouse over Settings, and click Discount Codes.  Click on the Create One link.

Step 2: Fill out the Code Form to Create your Code


When creating a discount code, the most important properties are the following:

  • Code: This is the actual code that registrants will enter into the registration flow in order to redeem the discount. You will need to send this code to those people receiving the discount.  If left blank, LeagueApps will automatically generate a code.
  • Value & Unit: This is the dollar amount or percentage of the discount you are offering.  For example, a discount may be for $5 off, or it may be for 10% off.
  • Redemption Limit: This optional property allows you to specify the maximum number of times the discount code can be redeemed. For example, if you set this to 10, then only 10 discounts will be applied.
  • Expiration Date: This optional property allows you to set a deadline date after which the discount code can no longer be redeemed.

⚠️ For offering scholarships or complimentary registrations, a 100% discount code is a helpful tool.

⚠️ Once you create a new discount code, it is immediately live and redeemable.

Step 3: Save and Distribute your Code

  • Hit Save, and you will be taken back to the Discount Code Management screen. 
  • From here, you can copy your code to distribute to your members, edit the code if something looks off, or remove it completely.

Discount Code Functionality

Once you’ve created a new discount code, you can distribute the code to desired people.  Go to the appropriate discount codes listings page (universal or program-specific), and copy the code. You can then email this code to people or include it in marketing materials.

Members can only redeem discount codes during the registration process. The program registration page includes a discount code entry box if there are any live codes tied to that program.  As people redeem each discount code, you can see the redemption count in the console, on the listing view (mentioned above).  A how-to to share with your members can be found here.

Discount codes are automatically discontinued once the defined limit is reached: either the maximum number of redemptions and/or the expiration date has passed. If you want to manually discontinue a discount code before the natural limit is reached, you can edit the properties and retro-set the expiration date or redemption limit.

Tracking & Reporting
Discount codes can be tracked through the Registration Reports. You can extract a registration report and see which registrants redeemed a discount code. The CSV report includes a Discount Code column with the date when the discount code was redeemed. 

Excluding Specific Programs
You can exclude specific programs from taking universal discount codes. Each program has a setting in the Registration Options that allows it to be opted out of universal discount codes. 


Discount Codes with Payment Plans

If you are setting up payment plans for your programs, discount codes will be evenly applied across all installments. 
Here's an example of how it works:

  • You have a payment plan of $1000 over 4 installments
  • The parent or registrant redeems the discount code on the first payment installment
  • That parent/registrant would get a $25 discount on each installment
  • Instead of that parent/registrant paying $250 4 times, they would now be paying $225 4 times.

Frequently Asked Questions & Tips

Can Discount Codes be combined together with other discounts? 

You can only use one per registration. If you need a sibling discount and a seasonal discount, you can layer a Private Payment Plan Code with a Discount Code to achieve the same results.

Can Discount Codes be applied during the same registration where credit is applied?

No, only a discount or a credit can be applied to a registration. However, administrators can apply credits to any invoice from the management console.

Common Error Message: Incorrect Discount Code

  1. If this is an automatic discount, make sure the code used in the Automated discount has not been tampered with or deleted.
  2. If this is a Universal Discount or Program Discount, go to your discount code. Ensure that the Discount Code has Not Expired, has not reached the Redemption Limit, or Multi-use is turned on for members (if applicable).
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