How do I issue a refund?

When you process payments online through LeagueApps, this means you can also process refunds through the system. When initiating a refund through LeagueApps, the total refund amount will be returned to your customer and 100 percent of the total processing fees will credited back to your organization. 

Important things to know

  • Refunds will always go back to the original payment method. There is not a way to have the refund go to a different payment method.
  • Refunds can take 5-10 business day to appear back on your customers' statements.
  • Refunds for ACH payments can only be made once the payment has cleared, which take up to seven business days. 
  • Voiding an invoice with successful transactions will automatically issue a full refund.
  • Once an invoice has been fully refunded or voided, no further invoice actions can be made.
  • If your payment gateway is, you must wait 24 hours from when they payment was made before initiating a refund.

Locate the invoice you want to refund

  1. Go to the member profile of the person to be refunded. If the invoice is associated with a child's registration, go to the child's member profile.
  2. Once there, click the Invoices link at the top, to the right of the Registrations and Waivers links. This will take you to a prefiltered invoices report for that member.
  3. Find the invoice you wish to refund in the list and click its invoice number on the left.

Issuing a full or partial refund

  1. To issue a full or partial refund, click Actions in the top, right-hand corner then click Issue Refund.
  2. In the following prompt, the Refund Amount will default to the total invoice amount. If you wish issue a partial refund, replace this with the desired amount. 
  3. You may enter an optional note, such as why the refund is being issued.
  4. Once ready, click Submit to complete the refund.
⚠️ If the invoice still has a balance due, LeagueApps will instead reduce the invoice's balance due instead of initiating a refund back to the customer's payment method. If you wish to avoid this, first reduce the invoice's balance to zero with the Change Amount Billed action.

Refunding an installment

  1. If you wish refund a specific installment on a member's payment plan, locate the list of installments on the invoice.
  2. Once located, click the Issue Refund link on the right under the Actions column
  3. Confirm the details in the pop-up, then click Submit.

Refund FAQs

Why isn't the Issue Refund action showing on an invoice?

The Issue Refund action is displayed only when a transaction has gone through on an invoice. If a member has not paid any of the balance, there will be no option to issue a refund.

How can I tell if a refund was successful?

A successful refund will be listed in the invoice's transaction history. When in an invoice, scroll to the bottom and look for a transaction labeled as a refund that shows as success.


How long after a payment was made can I issue a refund?

The refund windows are different depending on your payment gateway and the payment type. Reference the chart below:

Gateway Refund Window (in days)
LeagueApps Gateway 365
ACH/Bank Payments (LeagueApps Gateway only) 180
Stripe 90
PayPal 90 120


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