LeagueApps Play FAQ

LeagueApps Play is our free app for coach, parents and participants to easily see schedules, standings, rosters and communicate with teammates. If you're new to using LeagueApps Play, review the following pages to familiarize yourself with its features:

Should you encounter an issue while using LeagueApps Play, please refer to the items below before contacting LeagueApps support with questions.

I'm having trouble logging in.

LeagueApps Play uses the same email address and password you use to register for programming. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot password? link on the app's login screen.

If you have not registered for a program yet, speak with your program organizers about getting started with registration.

When I log in, there is nothing in the app.

LeagueApps Play is a post-registration tool for teams. This means if your app isn't showing any information, you likely have not registered for any programs yet or the program organizers have not placed you or your player onto a team yet. It is also possible that your program organizer hasn't published the program schedule yet. Speak with your program organizers about registration, schedules, or being rostered.

Another cause may be that you are accessing the app with the incorrect email address. Try logging out of the app and logging back in with a different email address.

I can't see my team's schedule or other information.

This information is controlled by the program organizer, and is usually hidden for good reason. If your team's roster, schedule, chat or standings are not visible in the app, contact your program organizers to learn if and when that information will become accessible via LeagueApps Play.

How can I register and pay in the app?

Currently, in the Home Feed, you will see card promoting programs with open registrations that are run by current organization's you are registered to. Your members can quickly find and complete registration for open programs in just a few taps, directly within the home feed. Additionally, in the My Account section of the Play app, you are able to submit your payments by clicking the Manage & Pay button.

How can other members of my family access the app?

You can give other parents or guardians access to your family account via the member portal. Once they have an account, they can log into the app with their own email address and password. Click here for those steps.

Child members currently do not have access to LeagueApps Play.

I'm an administrator. Why can't I see any of my teams in the app?

This is likely because you have not been added to the teams yet as program staff. In order to view teams and their rosters, schedules and standings in the app, you must be a member of the team as a player or staff.

Click here for steps on how you can manually register yourself onto teams.

If none of the above steps solve your issue, please click here to submit a request to our Support Team.


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