LeagueApps Play App Guide for Coaches & Staff

Here is a Coaches & Staff Guide for our free team communications mobile app, LeagueApps Play! Please be sure you have updated to the new Play app in the App Store or Google Play Store. If you have questions about your LeagueApps permissions as a coach or staff member, ask your team administrator. 

With the LeagueApps Play, designated Coaches & Staff are able to:

  • View the Home feed with the most important and urgent information displayed when you open up the app

  • Schedule and modify games events, including with External Teams

  • Choose to send a push notification and email when you add a new game or event
  • Add custom locations on the fly directly in the mobile app

  • RSVP (Yes, No, Maybe) to an event

  • See a calendar of upcoming events for teams and tournaments

  • See directions to events and open them in Apple or Google Maps

  • Sync scheduled events to a personal calendar

  • View RSVPs and check-in attendees at games and events

  • View, add, and edit game scores

  • View standings

  • View team schedule, roster, and player information

  • View and register for programs with open registration, directly in the app
  • Get notified and view announcements from your organization admins
  • Create and send coach notes - these are high priority messages that are displayed as alerts in the Play app and send emails and push notifications. These can be sent to the whole team, or if you're an iOS user you can send it to individual(s) (coming soon to Android). Note: if you program organizer has disabled Communications, you will not see the Message tab, nor be able to send coach notes.

  • Look up a parent's contact information and initiate a phone call, text, or email

  • Receive push notifications when you are sent a new chat message, or when a game or event (i.e. practice, class, etc.) is changed, cancelled, or uncanceled. Push notifications are NOT sent when an event is created or deleted.

  • Send instant chat messages to other team staff and parents (+players over 13) who also have the LeagueApps Play app downloaded on their phone. You can also delete chat messages and conversations. iOS only users are able to rename their chat groups to one or more individuals (coming soon to Android). Note: if you program organizer has disabled Communications, you will not see the Message tab, nor be able to send chat messages.

  • Access help and support directly in the app in the My Account tab

  • Display larger text sizes from Apple's Accessibility settings (iOS only; coming soon to Android)

Getting Started

How do I download the LeagueApps Play app?
How do I sign in to the Play app?
Why do I not see my team information in the Play app?
How do I find the most important information?
How do I see my past due invoice payments?
How do I register for other programs in the Play app?
How do I view the teams I have access to in the Play app?


How do I view my team schedule?
How do I add a game or event?
How do I send a push notification and email when I create a game or event?
How do I edit a game or event?
How do I add a custom location?
How do I sync a schedule to my phone?
How do I view a game or practice location?
How do I add or edit game scores?

RSVP & Attendance

Can I take attendance on the app?
How do I share or update my availability using RSVP?
How do I view RSVPs and check-in athletes?
How do I send RSVP reminders?

Roster & Communication

How do I view a Team Roster?
How do I update my roster profile?
How do I contact a player, guardian, or coach?
How do I send coach notes?
How do I reply to coach notes?
How do I delete coach notes?
How do I send chat messages?
How do I rename chat message groups?
How do I delete chat messages and conversations?
How do I view announcements from the organization admins?


How do I view my Team and Program Standings?

Tournament Schedules

How do I see my tournament schedules, brackets, and standings?

Account Information

Where can I view My Account?
Where can I manage my account and pay invoices?
How can I view more information about my team's organization?
Which programs are in my family account?
Where can I find more helpful resources?
How can I make the text larger in my app?

Download the app

Step 1: Open the App Store or Google Play Store on your phone. Or, click these links to navigate directly to the LeagueApps Play app:  App Store Google Play

Step 2: In the App Store, search for LeagueApps Play; you should see this logo:


Step 3: Download the app, then find it on your home screen.


Enter your LeagueApps login Email and Password and click Sign In
This is the email address and password you used to register and manage your team on LeagueApps. 


To enable Push Notifications for Chat and Coach Note notifications, as well as Schedule Reminders and Important Changes, click Allow after logging in to the app for the first time. 

After logging in, you will go directly to the Home feed tab. If you've already logged into the Play app before, you will open up the app to the last screen that you had visited previously (available on Apple devices - coming soon to Android!).

The Home feed shows you the most important information, including payments past due, upcoming games and events, game results, unread communications from your coaches and teams, and a link to register for upcoming programs. The Home feed will only display unread chats that are less than 7 days old, and unread coach notes that are less than 28 days old.

File (1).jpg

Home Feed

⚠️ If your program organizer has not published schedules yet, or you are program-level scorekeeper who has not been added to a team, your app will not be populated yet, and you will see the below screens instead.


The first time you log into the app, you will see navigation tips to help you understand what the different tabs and features mean. (Available on Apple devices - coming soon to Android!) 


If you need further assistance navigating and using the Play app, you can go to My Account by tapping the person mceclip0.png icon in the top right corner, and tapping Turn On Tool Tips so that you always see the navigational pop-ups above. You can also view the links support articles listed on the page. (Available on Apple devices - coming soon to Android).


Past Due Payments (iOS only; coming soon to Android)

If you have any outstanding payments, a payment alert will display at the top of your Home Feed. When you tap the Pay now button, and are past due on programs in multiple organizations, you will select which organization, and then be directed to the My invoices page. If you are only past due for one organization, you will automatically be directed to the My invoices page.

File (1).jpg   

Register for Other Programs

A Find more programs link appears at the bottom of your Home Feed when any organization you are a member of in the LeagueApps Play app has with open registrations for their programming. Scroll down vertically to the bottom of the Home Feed to view the Find more programs link.

When that link is tapped, you will be able to select the organization sites that have open programming (if only one site has open programming, this site selection is skipped).

When a site is selected, you will be taken to a screen with all open programs.

When a program is tapped, you will be taken to an in-app mobile web view to register (you will not need to sign in again).

mceclip3.png  mceclip4.png

Team Schedule

⚠️ If your team schedule has not been added by your program organizer yet, your Schedule tab will not populate, and you will see this message instead.

Teams Tab

The Teams tab in the bottom navigation bar allows you to view all of the teams you are a member of. You can can select teams to view team details, add games and events, and start chats. You can also pin your desired viewed teams to the top of the tab, so you can easily find them. (The Teams tab is available on Apple devices - coming soon to Android!) 

Team Details & Schedule

If you tap on a team shown in your schedule, you are able to view the Team details page, which includes the Team Schedule, Roster, Staff, and Standings. (The Team Schedule tab is available on Apple devices - coming soon to Android!) 

IMG_5488.jpeg  IMG_5489.jpeg   IMG_5490.jpegIMG_5491.jpeg

Create Games & Events

Add Games & Events from the Schedule Page by clicking the mceclip0.png button. You will select whether you want to create a game or create an event, and then you will follow an easy builder to create it. You are able to create events with External teams (i.e. aren't registered through LeagueApps), providing you with the flexibility to build out a more comprehensive schedule if there are outside teams. 


You can also add games and events on the individual Team Schedule page. 

Send Game & Event Creation Notifications

When you tap the Save button when creating a new game or event, you can send a push notification and email to your team members by clicking the Notify participants checkbox, and then tapping the Yes, save button.

⚠️ The notification will automatically take members directly to the newly created event/game (if they’ve updated their mobile app), and gives the user further confirmation of the newly created event. For those that don’t update their mobile apps, they will still get a push notification, but that notification will route them into the app, but not directly to the newly created event. For those who updated, they will route to the new event.


Edit Games & Events

Edit (change, cancel, delete) Events on the Event Details Page by clicking green Edit button in the top right corner.

Custom Locations

If enabled by your organization, you can add custom locations in the app when adding or editing an event by clicking into the Location section, and clicking the Create Location button.

Screen_Shot_2022-07-21_at_12.36.56_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2022-07-21_at_12.37.24_PM.png


RSVP to share your availability for practices, games or any team events in the Schedule Calendar. From a calendar event click the RSVP icons to submit your response.

IMG_5485.jpeg   IMG_5486.jpeg

You can tap any event to see the event details, location, and RSVP. There is a setting to exclude staff from the RSVP counts.


RSVP Reminders

In the RSVP tab of a game or event, you have the option to send an RSVP reminder (via email and push notification). If a RSVP reminder was sent previously through the app, you'll also be able to see when it was sent to the team. You will be allowed to send another RSVP reminder four hours after the previous reminder was sent.



Check-in athletes as they arrive in the RSVPs tab. 

Locations + Directions

View event locations and open driving directions right on your phone, by clicking on the Locations tab, or the Directions button 

Sync Schedules

Sync your schedule to your personal calendar. Click the mceclip0.png symbol in the top right corner to go to My Account. In the Members tab, tap the participant name, then Subscribe to Calendar. 


⚠️ Google does not support a one-click calendar sync through the mobile app. If you want to sync to your Google calendar on your Apple or Android device, follow these instructions.
  1. Tap “subscribe” to calendar
  2. Tap “copy link”
  3. Go to the browser on phone
  4. Go to: https://calendar.google.com/
  5. If you are not already logged into the Google account you want the calendar to subscribe to, you need to log into that account.
  6. Tap the gear icon on the top right
  7. Tap settings
  8. Tap “Add calendar” from the left panel
  9. Tap “From URL” in the menu that appears beneath “Add calendar”
  10. Paste the copied URL in the “URL of calendar” field
  11. Tap “Add calendar”
  12. Go back to: https://calendar.google.com/
  13. Make sure that you check the box for the new calendar that was just subscribed to under “Other calendars” on the left side panel
  14. If you’d like to rename of the calendar, tap the 3 vertical dots on the subscribed calendar under “Other calendars”. The 3 dots will appear when you hover over the subscribed calendar.
  15. Tap “Settings”
  16. Change the name

Alternatively, you can subscribe to calendars through the web app under My Schedule.

Add and Edit Game Scores

If you are designated as a scorekeeper on the team-level by your organization admins, you can add and edit game scores once the game is over.

On the Events tab, click the clipboard with pencil button


You'll be able to type in the scores and save them, updating the Events page and Standings.


Currently on the iOS Play app, designated scorekeepers on the program-level will also be able to enter scores on the Organizations tab. Tap the mceclip0.png symbol in the top right corner to go to the Organizations tab. Tap the organization, and Add scores for the program that you are a designated scorekeeper. [Coming soon to Android]


Team Roster

You can access the Roster on the Team details page, which can be accessed in a couple different ways.

1. In the My Account sidebar, which you can access by clicking the person symbol in the top right corner, you can tap the Teams tab and select from any team listed.

2. In the Home and Schedule tabs, you can click on the team listed on the event to view the Team details, including the roster. The Team details page's Roster tab includes player and staff information like Name, Jersey Number, Position, invoice statues (if enabled), and more.*


From the roster, you can contact a player, their guardian, or staff member directly by clicking on the name and then choose the desired communication and included method [Call, Chat, or Email.] *

⚠️ Roster displays and information may vary due to custom privacy controls set by your team administrator.


In the Standings tab, you can view all teams belonging to programs with Standings enabled. Standings fields that the program organizer has configured will appear as columns in standings. 

Message Tab

There are multiple ways to communicate with the app. Push notifications are also sent when chat messages, announcements, and coach notes are sent, and when games and events have been updated or cancelled. 

⚠️ If no chats, announcements, or coach notes have been sent by team members yet, you will see this screen on the Message tab. If your program organizer has disabled communications for your team, you will not be able to see the Message tab, nor send chat messages and coach notes.


Coach Notes

Coaches and staff members have the ability to send Coach Notes, which are high priority messages which will post as an alert in the app, send an email to all team members, and send as a push notification on team members' phones. If you are an iOS user, you can send coach notes to targeted individuals (coming soon to Android). You can view coach notes in the Message tab and the Home feed tab.

If your members reply to coach notes, the reply will send to the email of the coach/staff member who created the coach note.

Create Coach Notes

You can create a coach note by clicking the + button in the top right hand corner of the Message tab and the Home feed tab, and choosing your team (as well as targeted individuals if you are an iOS user).

Simply type in the title and copy (which can include URLs), and click Send note.


You have the option to send this as an urgent message which will tag it as "Urgent" in the app, and you can also send it as an email to make sure your team members see this coach note.

Replying to Coach Notes

You have the ability to reply to a coach note sent by staff members besides yourself by clicking into the coach note, and clicking the Reply button, which will take you to a direct chat message with the staff member who sent the coach note. Team members and staff are also able to reply to your created coach notes and start a chat message with you, by following the same steps.


Deleting Coach Notes

If you want to delete a coach note so that you and/or your team don't see it anymore, you can either click the Delete button in the coach note or, on the Message tab, you can swipe left which will display a trash can. As a staff member, when you click the red trash can, you can just hide the message for yourself, or if you created the coach note, then you can delete it for everyone.

Chat Messaging

In the Chat tab, you are able to click the ➕ sign in the top right corner to chat message with the whole team as well as individuals on the team, including staff and parents. Important: Chat recipients must have also downloaded the LeagueApps Play app with chat in order to see the chat messages sent to them.

Sending Chats

You will receive a push notification on your phone when you are sent a new chat message in the app. An email notification will not be sent.

IMG_1049.PNG    IMG_1050__1_.PNG   IMG_1052.PNG   


Renaming Chats (iOS only; coming soon to Android)

If you are an iOS user, you can rename chat groups or direct chat messages you're part of, so you can quickly find conversations and continue chats. When you're in a chat message, tap the name(s) in the top left corner, tap the pencil icon to edit the group name, and then type in the new group name.

IMG_6506.PNG  IMG_6508.PNG  IMG_6510.PNG


Deleting Chats

You are also able to delete individual chat messages by holding down on the message, and tapping the Delete popup. To delete a whole chat thread, swipe the conversation to the left on the Message tab.

⚠️ For Android users, your Play app icon on your phone home screen will show a red notification icon when you have received a new chat message. To clear this red notification icon, swipe down from your phone's main home screen and then clear notifications for the Play app.

IMG_1074.PNG    IMG_1046.PNG

If a parent or coach or player over 18 years of age hasn't downloaded the Play app, then you will not be able to chat with them directly in the chat thread. If you do send someone marked in red a chat message, they will receive an email providing them with the missed chat message and a link to download the Play app to view it there.



Your organization admins may send your team important messages, called Announcements. These will be sent as an email, a push notification to your mobile device, and will also appear in the Home tab and on your Message tab. You can reply to that announcement via the email that is sent.



Roster Page

Contact players, guardians, or staff directly from the Roster by clicking on the person's name and choose the desired communication method [Call, Message, Email.]

Tournament Schedules

For any tournaments scheduled through LeagueApps, participants can view their tournament schedules, brackets, standings and rosters in the LeagueApps Play mobile app.


My Account

The My Account tab which can be viewed by clicking the person icon mceclip0.png in the top right corner of the app, shows you all of the Members, Teams, and Organizations that your account is associated with. 

IMG_1067.PNG      IMG_1066.PNG   IMG_1065.PNG

Manage Account & Pay Invoices

In the My Account tab, tap the Manage & Pay button, select which organization you're looking to manage the account for (if you have more than one), and then you'll be brought to the Manage & Pay screen for that organization.


Edit Settings

On the Manage & Pay Screen, if you tap the Edit account settings link, you will be able to view and edit your email address, password, and email notification settings.


Add & Edit Family

On the Manage & Pay Screen, if you tap the Update your family link, you will be able to view, add, edit, and delete family members on your account.


Pay Invoices



By clicking into the Organizations listed, you can view upcoming programs for the organization, as well as any listed social media accounts. If you are a designated scorekeeper, and have been adding on the program-level, you will be able to add game scores for any programs you've been added to. You will see an Add scores link under the respective program(s).

IMG_1067.PNG    IMG_1071.PNG


On the Help tab under My Account, you can find links to view tutorials and FAQs, and turn on tooltips to guide you through the mobile app.



The Play app supports larger text sizes that can be turned on in the Accessibility settings for Apple devices (coming soon to Android). You can turn these settings on and off for your Apple device by navigating to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Larger Text on your device (not in the LeagueApps Play app). The text size you choose will be reflected in the LeagueApps Play app.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have an account, what do I do?

Visit your team's website and register for the team; then use those credentials to log in to the app.

I forgot my username and/or password, what do I do?

You can use your email instead of your username. Click Forgot password? and then enter your email address. You will receive an email shortly to reset your password. 

I'm not on a team, how do I use the app?

You need to be registered with a team to use the app. Visit your team's website and register for the team; then use those credentials to log in to the app.

I don't see my team, what do I do?

Contact your coach or team administrator to confirm you are registered with the correct team. 

Why am I not receiving an email notification when I am sent a chat message in the app?

Chat recipients receive push notifications on their phone when they receive a new chat message. An email will not be sent.

Why am I unable to chat with a select parents on my team?

Chat recipients must have also downloaded the LeagueApps Play app in order to see the chat messages sent to them.

How do I edit a player's information or picture?

Login to your team's LeagueApps website. On your member dashboard, click Edit Profile make the desired changes and then click Save Changes.

How do I contact a player or coach?

You can contact a player or coach by sending them a chat message in the Chat tab; or on the app's roster page, click on the person's name and choose [Call] [Message] or [Email].

What are my login credentials for the LeagueApps Play app?

To login, you should use the same email and password as the account used when registering to the team. If you forget your password, your program administrator will no longer be able to change it on your behalf. You will be required to change it yourself by clicking the Forgot password? on the login screen. For more details on password resets, click here.

My schedule seems to be showing up in Eastern Time, but I'm not in that timezone - how can I fix this?

Please ensure you have updated the Play app in the App Store or Google Play Store recently to fix this setting.

Why can't I delete chat messages or conversations?

Please ensure you have updated the Play app in the App Store or Google Play Store recently to fix this setting.

How can I add a clickable URL in my practice's details section?

Currently, you are unable to hyperlink any URLs on the Event Details page. You can include URLs in your coach notes or chat messages in the Message tab.

Why don't I see the Create Location button in my Play app?

You need to have the permissions to create locations. Please contact your program administrator if you are not seeing that functionality. Additionally, be sure you have updated to the latest version of the Play app.

Why don't I input game scores in my Play app?

Your program administrator must assign you as a designated scorekeeper for each team or program where you should input game scores. Please contact them for more information.

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