Compose a Bulk Message to your Members

Good communication is essential in all aspects of life. Having the ability to reach out to your members in bulk is a feature that should definitely be taken advantage of. With the bulk messaging feature, you're able to filter and select specific programs that you'd like to message at once. With the large variety of filters, you can have a lot of control over who your message is sent to.

Step 1: Filter Options

Filter by Site Members

  • All Site Members (Both Male and Female, Only Males, Only Females, Member Location)
  • All Email Contacts (You can manage your mailing list at Messaging > Email Contacts)

Filter by Programs and Games will provide the following options:

  • By Programs and Teams (Program, Program State, Sport, Season)mceclip1.png
  • By Games (Date and Time, Locations, Types)mceclip2.png

⚠️ If sending a game cancellation email and Yes, cancel them is selected, your schedule will be automatically updated to reflect the cancellation.
  • By Roles, Status, and Payment Status

Send to Admins only or Also send to admins

  • Choose one of these options if you want to contact all, or just some, of your site administrators.

Send as an Opt-Out newsletter

  • This will exclude members who have asked to opt-out of emails. We recommend you always select this option, unless the information is critical.

Step 2: Choose Your Message Type

  • An Email: This will only send an email to your members
  • An Email & a Text Message: This will allow you to create email content as well as text message content.
  • A Text Message Only: This method is recommended for time-sensitive information.  Note that only members who have opted in to receive texts will receive text messages. 
⚠️ Due to network carrier restrictions, we limit the amount of texts sent to 2,000. If you need to send more, you will need to break the messages into groups, and send in waves.

Step 3: Compose Your Message

  • From Name: This is the name that will be displayed in the From column of your members' email client. It will auto-populate as your Org name.
  • Subject Line: Briefly describe your message content!  Remember, you want to grab the attention of your members, so things like “Important!” and “Game Changes!” are good attention grabbers to make sure your emails are being opened.
  • Email message content: Now is your time to shine! You can use the message editor to compose a message to your liking. You can also use an Email Template to save time from formatting your messages each time.
  • Include custom header/footer content: You can edit your header and footer directly from the messaging page by clicking the Edit Email Content and Settings link.
  • Text Message Content (if applicable): Text messages are limited to 160 characters, but we’ve provided a tool to help shorten URLs to cut back on.

Step 4: Send Your Message

  • Preview Email: Clicking this will give you a preview of your email before you send it.
  • Send a Test: If you want to send a test message before sending it to your members, simply click the Send Test Email button and enter the email address you’d like the test to go to. 
  • Send this Message: When you’re ready, hit this Send This Message button to send your email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send an email to multiple parents on a family account?

Any emails targeted to youth members of a family account will be sent to all Parent email address(es) in the family account.

How Much are Text Messages if I go over the 1000 monthly limit?

1000 Text Messages are included each month, after that, each message is $.01, and will be added to your monthly LeagueApps Invoice.

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