How to make an email template

LeagueApps’ email template tool allows you to build and save templates that you can use in your emails sent through the system. You can build a basic template with images and minor styling using our content editor, or you can build advanced templates using the HTML editor.

This is a great tool if you’re constantly sending similarly themed emails and don’t want to start from scratch each time. Now you can have a library of templates to choose from. Use the following steps to find and use your site’s email templates.

Step 1

Go to Messaging and select Email Templates.

Step 2

From here you can click on +Add New Template or edit, delete, and preview existing templates in the system.

Step 3

In the message editor you have the ability to enter text, photos and hyperlinks. Click the Published checkmark to turn the template on and off.

Or you can select the menu item to build custom HTML themes.

Step 4

Now when you goto the Compose a Message section you can choose which pre-created template you want to upload into your email.

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