Moving Players and Teams

As people register for your programs, you have the ability to move them around as needed.  To access this feature, go into any program in your Manager Console, hover over People and click on the Players tab of the program's context menu.  The following move operations are supported:

  • Move free-agent to a team
  • Move a team player to free-agents list
  • Make a player a team captain
  • Move a player from one program to another
  • Move an entire team from one program to another
  • Remove a player from a program (NOTE: this will issue a refund to the player)
⚠️ As you move players around, their invoices may be modified to account for price variations of the different registration roles.  In some cases, a new invoice may be automatically created if the player did not already have one for some reason (e.g., if they had registered as a team player on a team being paid all by the captain). If they do have an invoice you can choose to either keep the invoice as is or update during the move.

Step 1

Click the arrow icon aligned with the player you are looking to move


Step 2

Select the program, team, and if you would like to notify the player or not for the move with the drop down menus and click Move. 


Step 3

Select if you would like to update the member's invoice or leave it as is by clicking the circle next to the option you would like to choose and click Move.


⚠️ There is one particular registration setting that is relevant to moving players.  The option Free Agents who join teams will be considered to be 'detached' from the team for payment purposes determines if a free-agent moved onto a team does or does not count toward the team's overall fee.

⚠️ When you move a player, they cannot specify payment plan options. When you copy a player, they can choose the payment plan to apply for the to-be copied/registered player.

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