How to copy a team

If you have a team that has requested to have its roster duplicated from one season to the next or from one program to another, you can copy a team from the management console. Copying a team will transfer the team and its players to a new program, while leaving the original team and players in the existing program.

If you need to bulk copy, move or edit teams, see our page on the Team Manager tools.

Important notes about copying teams

  • Notifications: Every player on the team, including the captain/coach, will receive an email notification from the system indicating that their team has been copied.
  • Form Fields: The registration form fields from the original program will not be copied into the new program.
  • Waivers: Members of the copied team will need to accept the program waivers.
  • Invoicing: The copied team will be invoiced according to the program's registration options.

Locate the Team

  • Go to Manage
  • Then click All Programs
  • Find the program where the team is registered in the list and click on the program name
  • From the program dashboard, click Teams at the top

⚠️ You can also use the magnifying glass icon in the top, right-hand corner of the management console to search for teams by name.

Copy the Team

  • Locate the team in the list and click the Move icon on the right.
  • Choose Program: Choose the program to which you are copying the team
  • Edit: Edit the team name, if desired
  • Players: Select which players to copy with the team
  • Staff: When applicable, choose which staff to copy and choose their roles
  • Click Yes, copy this team
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