How to bulk move program participants

The Bulk Action feature allows you to select multiple participants at once and Move or Message them. 

Main Article: Copy and Move participants or teams

Bulk Move participants to another program

Step 1: 

  • Navigate to the program or sub-program's dashboard
  • Go to People > Players



Step 2:

  • Select the participants being moved by checking the box next to their name (select all by checking the box next to Bulk Action)
  • Click Bulk Action > Move Selected Players


Step 3:

  • Choose the target program, the role for the participants in the new program, and whether or not to notify these site members.
  • You can also choose to adjust invoices if the programs have different prices, and choose to move the waiver(s) if the target programs share the same waiver



Note: A Bulk Move is only possible for participants; it is NOT possible to bulk move teams or groups.

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