How to edit your mobile homepage

The mobile home page of your LeagueApps Hosted website will look quite a bit different than the site's homepage on a desktop computer.

This is because your site with LeagueApps is optimized for mobiles devices and is focused on our core functions for your members: registration, payments, calendars, rosters and messaging.

All of your other custom content pages will also be accessible to members on mobile devices.

If you have purchased a custom Wordpress website from LeagueApps or are using your own website provider, this feature may not need be needed for your organization.


Step 1: Navigate to the settings page

  • From the LeagueApps Management Console, place your mouse over Content
  • Then click Mobile Homepage


Step 2:  Add a call to action

  • Check the box for Display call-to-action button on homepage?
  • In Call-to-action button text, type in the text you want to the button to read; e.g. Register Here!
  • In Call-to-action link (URL), copy + paste in the URL of the page you want the button to take your members. If you're unsure where to find the appropriate URL, let us know at


Step 3: Add a background image

  • Click the Choose Background Image button
  • Either upload a photo from your computer or choose an image from your media library

Step 4: Add a site summary

  • Type in or copy + paste in a brief description of your organization. 
  • If you know basic HTML, feel free to add in some formatting to the text as well.


Step 5: Save and view your changes

  • When you're done making changes, click Update in the top, right-hand corner.
  • To view your mobile homepage, bring up your LeagueApps Hosted Site on your smartphone by visiting
    Your site ID will be what you enter for subdomain when logging in as an administrator. 


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