Using the LeagueApps Editing Tools

The LeagueApps platform comes with a standalone content editor that makes it extremely easy for administrators to edit content their website's pages, bulk emails and other areas.


Simply place your cursor where you would like to place text, and type!  Edit text on your pages just as you would type a word document.


Hyperlinks allow you to create links out of any text (or picture) that you have uploaded onto your content page.  To create a link, highlight the content that you would like to turn into a hyperlink and click on the chain link icon on the formatting bar.


Uploading Pictures

Place your cursor on the location of the page where you would like to upload a picture and click the image uploader icon located on the formatting bar.  Click upload an image, and select the image from your computer’s internal storage system. You can resize an image after it is inserted into your page by dragging the edges and corners until it looks just right.


File Attachments

Attach files up to 5MB in size by clicking "Attach File" in the text editor menu. This feature supports word documents, images, PDFs, slideshows and many other file types. If your file is over 5MB, compress it to a ZIP file and then upload.


Page Versioning

Afraid of saving your updates and making a huge mistake?  Don’t be.  The page Restoration tool allows you to revert back to a previous version of the page that you are editing.  You can click the Restore button to access other page versions. The console will store the last three versions of each page on your site.  A new version is created each time you click the Update button.


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