Toolkit for New Site Header and Footer

As part of our continued efforts to enhance your members’ user experience and navigation, we’re excited to announce that we have updated the header and footer in your member portal (where parents/players and coaches/staff register and manage their account). 

The member portal enhancements—using up-to-date technology—will be our springboard for new features, including a new registration flow, new scheduling features, and more. To ensure your members have access to these new program experiences as they are released (starting with Tournaments, and followed by Clubs), you must utilize this new header and footer in the member portal. 

You can use this communications toolkit to understand what’s been changed, where you can access and update your assets, and how you can communicate this change to your members.


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This member portal experience is more seamless—from desktop to mobile to tablet—with benefits including:

  1. This new, responsive, mobile-optimized, modern header and footer always showcases your organization’s branding so parents and coaches know they’re in the right place. 
  2. You have access to a new settings page where you can set your primary and secondary colors and configure social media links that will be displayed in the updated site footer. See what this looks like for your organization by navigating to Design > Next-Gen Theme Editor in your LeagueApps Management Console.
  3. Your navigation settings and site content are not impacted. Your logo also has carried over—if it is all white with a transparent background, we recommend updating it to ensure it displays clearly (learn more here).

Branding & Theme Assets

This new header and footer in the member portal replaced any cosmetic HTML/CSS customizations that had been added to your current header and footer. It will NOT impact any other cosmetic customizations (e.g. font styles and colors) on your existing pages.

In your LeagueApps management console, under the Design menu dropdown, you can access the Next-Gen Theme Editor.

On this page, you will be able to update: 

  1. Primary color for your site
    1. Login background on site header
    2. Header, Footer, and Navigation Menus border
    3. Footer background
    4. Social media icons
    5. Submenu text
  2. Secondary color for your site
    1. Header button background
    2. Social media icon hover
  3. Social media links that will display as icons in your site footer

Additionally, if you click Theme Editor in the Design dropdown menu, you can update the following assets:

  • Logo (note that you will not need to also add a mobile-specific logo). You can view the logo guidelines by clicking here
  • Any other customizations you already have set up on your site beyond the header and footer


Communications to your Members

If you would like to give a heads-up to your coaches, staff, parents, and players about the new site header and footer redesign, you can use the below bullet points to communicate to your members. We know that you have your own way of communicating with your parents, players, and coaches, so this language is just meant to offer guidance — feel free to tailor it however you’d like! 

  • As you may know, we use a platform called LeagueApps to power our registration, payment processing, messaging, and more. They help us run more efficiently so we can focus on what’s important—play!
  • LeagueApps hosts the site where you register and manage your account. To improve your user experience and navigation, they have rolled out an updated design to the header and footer on this site.
  • This new site will be more seamless for you to use—across desktop to mobile to tablet—so it’s easier for you to navigate, submit any registrations and payments, and manage your account! 



I don't like it. Can I switch back?

Yes, we can switch sites back quickly. Please contact, or your LeagueApps account manager.

What happened to my newsletter box, Twitter integration and Facebook "Like" button?

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram links can still be set up in the new Next-Gen Theme Editor page, and will be displayed in the new site footer. The newsletter will not be supported in this version.

My logo doesn't look right. Can you make me a new one?

You can follow a guide on how to upload your logo by clicking here.

Will I be required to use this eventually?

This will be the header/footer used for Next-Gen Registration and Payments Experiences. Our team will continue to make additional options available as far as configuration/styling of the header and footer. 

What does "Next-Gen" mean?

We are transforming LeagueApps with entirely new Next Generation experiences, including completely redesigned screens and new features, to give you and your members the best sports experience possible.

When will these new “Next-Gen” features be coming out? What is the first one?

The next-generation Tournaments experience (across registration, payments, and schedules) is rolling out over the first half of 2024! 

Will I still be able to request customizations to the header and footer from my CSM or Support?

Customizations the header and footer will not be supported. If your organization has a pressing need to update the display of the header and footer, please reach out and we can consider building support for these items in future versions.

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