Invoices in LeagueApps present organizers with a wealth of data and powerful tools to keep their programs' finances in order. From a member's invoice, you can find out from where the invoice originated, how much has been paid, how much is owed, when payments were made and more. Administrators can also take many actions on invoices, such as changing the amount due or issuing a refund.

⚠️ If you are looking for information on Payment Plan Invoices, click here.

Getting Started

You will first need to find and view an invoice in order to take any action on it. An invoice can be located in several ways. Anywhere in LeagueApps you see a green link for invoice status or amount, clicking that link will take you to a member's invoice. 

View All Invoices

  • At the top of your management console, place your mouse over Reporting then click Invoices
  • Once there, you can narrow your search by using the filters at the top of the page. The following are the criteria by which you can filter invoices:
    • Number
    • Type
    • Invoice created date
    • Status
    • Deadline
    • Sport
    • Season
    • Program State
    • Program
    • Member name or email
    • If the invoice includes membership fees (rare)
    • Autopay status

View invoices for a program

  • Navigate to a program's dashboard, then at the top click Invoices
  • This will take you to the Invoices report, but automatically set the filters to only show invoices from this program

Program's People List

  • Navigate to a program's dashboard, then at the top click People
  • Under the Payment column, click on the invoice status to enter a member's invoice. The statuses you will see are:
    • Paid
    • Unpaid
    • Partial
    • Refund
    • Void
  • Clicking the small PAY button will take you to the admin payment screen where you can enter a payment method for the member.

Member Profile

  • Go to Manage then click Members
  • Use the Name or Email filter to search for the member you want to find
  • Once found, click the member's name.
  • Click Invoices at the top to be taken to a pre-filtered Invoices report for this member.

Family Account Page

  • First, you will need to find a member of the family to view the family account. Go to Manage then click Members.
  • Use the Name or Email filter to search for the member you want to find.
  • Once found, click the member's name.
  • Then at the top click [Last Name] Family
  • Click on the invoice amount to enter the member's invoice
⚠️ You can also click the magnifying glass icon on the top, right-hand corner of your management console to search for members and invoices.

Invoice Overview

Every invoice will have several indicators that hold a great deal of information regarding a member's payment status, amount due, amount paid, and other items. 

Invoice Number

Each invoice will have a unique eight-number identifier. Users will see the same number on their dashboard. This identifier helps you locate quickly locate an invoice. When interacting with the LeagueApps Support Team, providing an invoice number will help our specialists reach a resolution more quickly.


  • Paid: The invoice has been fully paid and there is a $0.00 remaining balance
  • Unpaid: No payments have been made toward the invoice
  • Partial: A payment(s) have been made for the invoice, but there is still a remaining balance
  • Refund: A full refund has been issued for this invoice
  • Void: If there were any payments made towards this invoice, a refund has been issued, no further action can be taken on this invoice, and the invoice will not be counted for reporting purposes

Balance due

The remaining amount due for the invoice.

Total amount

The total amount invoiced. This is the sum of the payments made and the remaining balance due.

Invoicing context

The program, product, or other context to which the invoice relates. 

Invoice Items

A list of billing items. This will include the initial amount billed, and any adjustments that have been to the invoice moving forward. 


Payments, refunds and voids made towards the invoice. This will include successful and failed attempts. 

Invoice Actions

Once an invoice has been created, it can be modified in several ways. This allows for flexibility with each site member based on their specific needs. Modifying a single invoice will only impact that invoice. 


Change Amount Billed

Change the total amount billed to the member on this invoice. Additions to the total cost are made by inputting a positive number. Deductions to the total cost are made by inputting a negative number. In the example below, the total amount will increase from $10 to $20 as the amount billed is changed by $10.

Issue Refund

Use this button to issue a refund for an online transaction. You can issue a full refund or a partial refund. Issuing a refund will refund the selected amount to the card used for the transaction. Refunds typically take 5-10 business days to show in the customer's bank account.

Issue Site Credit

Instead of issuing a refund, you have the option to issue site credit. Issuing site credit will NOT modify the total amount on the invoice; instead, a note will be added to the invoice to show site credit related to this invoice has been issued. 

Add Offline Payment

If you need to apply check, cash, or other offline payment then you can do so from the add offline payment invoice action.

⚠️ If you are applying an offline payment to a payment plan invoice, the offline payment amount must be equal to one installment amount or multiple installment amounts combined. Use the edit icon to adjust installment amounts.

Apply Site Credit

If a member has a credit balance you have to apply part of or the entire balance to an invoice with an outstanding amount due. Applying site credit will decrease the amount due to the invoice and automatically deduct the amount applied from the member's credit balance. 

Learn more about Site Credits

Void Invoice

Voiding an invoice will issue a refund for any online payment made toward the invoice. A void will also prohibit future action on the invoice and remove the invoice amount from reporting totals. A voided invoice will still appear on an exported report, but it will not be tallied toward the totals visible in the admin console. 

Pay Now

Use this Pay Now to make a payment towards an invoice from the management console on the members' behalf. You can choose to make a full or partial payment for the member.

  • If the member does not have a stored payment method, you will be prompted to enter a member's card details
  • If the member does have a stored payment method, click the member's preferred method, even if there's just one. The border will turn green once selected.
  • You can choose to pay the entire balance due or click the Partially pay toward the outstanding balance link to enter a custom amount.


Disable Auto-Pay

Any invoice that is tied to an auto-pay payment plan has a Disable Auto-Pay button on the invoice. Auto-pay can be re-enabled once disabled.


⚠️ Performing this action will not override the member's autopay preference. If you disable autopay on an invoice, but the member still has autopay enabled from their dashboard, autopay will still run on the invoice. To check or adjust a member's autopay preference, use the Log In As Member tool.

Convert to Payment Plan

Unpaid invoices may be converted from a standard invoice to a payment plan. In order to convert a standard invoice to a payment plan invoice, it must fit the following criteria. If the invoice does not meet these items, a new invoice will need to be issued.

  • The invoice must be fully unpaid. A partially paid invoice cannot be converted.
  • The invoice can not already be on a payment plan
  • There must be a payment plan created for the program, designated for the same registration type (i.e. Free Agent or Team Player)

Under Actions, click Convert to Payment Plan, then select the payment plan you are converting the invoice. Click Yes, Convert it. The invoice will be converted and a note will be added to the invoice.


Payment Reminders

Payment reminders can be automated within a program's payment settings. In addition, payment reminders can be sent whenever desired by an admin. 

Send a bulk payment reminder

  1. Navigate to the Invoices report
  2. Click Send Payment Reminders to All
  3. Include a message in the payment reminder (optional)


Send an individual payment reminder

  1. Along the same row as the invoice, click the message icon
  2. Include a message in the payment reminder (optional)


Alternatively, you can send an individual payment reminder from the invoice.

A payment reminder will include a link to the invoice payment page the invoice's remaining balance, and the custom message sent from the admin. Here's an example: 

Exporting Invoices

When viewing a list of invoices via Reporting then Invoices you, can you export invoice data to a CSV file.

  • Go to Reporting
  • Then click Invoices
  • Set your filters as detailed in the Getting Started section of this page and run the report
  • Once ran, click the Export to CSV button in the top, right-hand corner.
  • Select the data points you want to export
  • Click Export

Other Invoice Items

Invoice Notes

An admin can leave internal notes on an invoice by clicking the +Add a note. These notes will not show for the user.

Some invoice actions, such as Add Offline Payment, will also allow you leave a note while performing the action. These notes will be visible to the member.

Bulk Invoice Adjustment

From the Invoices page, use this tool to issue an increase for all invoices that meet the filter criteria. This tool can only be used for a bulk increase; a bulk reduction is not possible. No action will be taken on invoices in a Void or Refund state.

When a payment plan invoice is affected by a bulk invoice adjustment, the increase is added to the last installment.

⚠️ Take care when performing this action. If a bulk adjustment is done in error, invoices must be corrected one by one as there is no bulk action to reduce amounts billed.

Printing Invoices

When you are viewing the invoice, you are able to print the invoice by going to your browse's File menu and selecting the Print option. This will remove all extraneous elements beyond the invoice information in a print-friendly view.

Frequent Asked Questions

Will I be charged for any money I refund to a customer?

No, LeagueApps will refund you any transaction fees incurred on the money you refund to a customer. 

What happens to a program participant's invoice if I move them to another program?

The invoice will move with the program participant. If the new program is a higher price, an additional fee will be added to the invoice. 

Will voided invoices be counted towards my Payment Activity?

Voided invoices will NOT be counted towards Payment Activity sections on the program dashboard and main dashboard. Voided invoices will be displayed in exported reports. 

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