Member Invoices

Member Invoices can be sent at anytime to a site member. They are not associated with a program or registration. A Member Invoice is a single payment request to a site member/user that can be paid through the user dashboard in the same fashion a standard invoice is paid. 

Step 1: Locate a site member

  • Go to Manage
  • Then click Members
  • Use the Name or Email filter to search for the member you want to registering
  • Once found, click the member's name.
⚠️  You can also click the magnifying glass icon in the top, right-hand corner of your management console to search for members.

Step 2: Issue a Member Invoice

  • Once in the member's profile, click New Invoice on the left-hand side


  • Enter the amount to be invoiced
  • Add a note for the invoice. This is a required field 
  • You have the option to add a processing fee and/or send a notification email
  • Once ready, click Generate Member Invoice 

Finding member invoices

If you need to find a member invoices after they're created, you can find them via your Invoices report.

  • Go to Reporting then click Invoices
  • At the top, set the type filter to Member.

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