Managing Payment Plan Invoices

Invoice management for payment plans is a little different than invoices for a single sum rather than in installments. Within payment plans, you have the ability to edit individual installments and add new installments. For information on locating invoices and other basic invoice functions, click here to view our help page on invoices.

Edit Installment

In a payment plan invoice, you have the ability to edit individual installment amounts and due dates by clicking on the pencil icon next to each installment. Type in the new amount and the new date and click submit. You also have the option of adding a note.


Add Installment

You can also add additional installments if necessary by clicking the Add An Installment button and then typing in the amount due and the due date. Click submit when you're done. 

Note: The Due Date must be in the future!


Delete Installment

You can also delete a future installment or a past-due unpaid installment by clicking the X in the action items and then clicking Yes, Remove It.


If you use the Change Amount Billed tool under Actions to reduce the invoice amount, that reduction will apply to the last installment.

If the invoice reduction exceeds the final installment amount, the final installment will be deleted.

Refund Installments

You can refund an installment by clicking the Refund link on the specific installment. Refunding an installment deletes it from the invoice.

If you wish to refund an amount different from the installment amount, use the Issue Refund tool under Actions.mceclip2.png

Offline Payments

You can also apply offline payments to a payment plan invoice.

  1. Click Actions in the top right
  2. Then click Add Offline Payment
  3. Enter the payment amount
  4. Enter the payment type
  5. Add payment date
  6. Enter an optional note
  7. Click Submit
⚠️ The Amount must equal the installment amount or you will receive an error. If the payment amount does not equal the installment amount, edit the installments so they equal the payment amount.


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