Mobile App Guide for Admin Access

With LeagueApps, admins now can seamlessly and automatically oversee their programming directly in the palm of their hands using Admin Mode in the LeagueApps iOS mobile apps. You are also able to manage games and events, just as your coaches and staff do. Admins will have mobile app visibility into all programs they can access in the LeagueApps admin dashboard. See the admin permission levels below.

This mobile app admin functionality is available in the iOS 5.0.1 version of the LeagueApps Play and branded mobile apps (coming soon to Android). Please be sure you have updated to this latest version of the Play app or your branded mobile app in the App Store.

There are several more exciting additions coming soon to this admin mobile app experience—learn more below.

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Table of Contents

Download and Sign In to Admin Mode

If you have not downloaded the LeagueApps Play iOS app, go to the App Store on your phone and search LeagueApps Play; and then download the app: Download here


If you have a branded iOS app, follow these same steps above, but search for your app name in the App Store.

To sign into the LeagueApps iOS apps, use the same admin email and password you use to sign into your LeagueApps management console. 


If you are a coach, parent, or adult player who is already signed in to the LeagueApps mobile apps with the same email login as your admin account, you will be able to switch to the admin role if you’ve updated your app in the App Store. Learn more about role switching below.

Program Pins and Search

When you sign in to Admin mode the first time, you will see your program management page.

You can search and pin specific programs to this page so you can easily access their teams, schedules, details, and communications. Coming soon: Admins will also be able to search members and teams (as well as programs) to quickly find the information they need.


⚠️ If you fully sign out of the app, your pins will not save.


Game and Event Management

When you click into one of your programs, you will be able to view the Teams, Calendar, and Message tabs. 

In the Calendar tab, you are able to schedule new games and events by clicking the + button in the top right corner. This includes adding custom locations and external teams during the creation process.

You are also able to edit existing games and events by clicking into the card to view the details, and clicking the Edit button in the top right corner.

For any games that have finished, you are able to add and edit scores for those games.


RSVP Reminders and Check-Ins

Within the game or event detail card, you are also able to view RSVPs, send RSVP reminders, and check-in attendees.


Member Profiles, Invoice Status, and Contact Information

You are also able to click into the team members for all of the teams you have access to. Within these member profiles, you can view member information, invoice status, and tap buttons to call, email, or text the parent, guardian, or adult.

Team Communications View

In Admin mode, organization admins have a read-only view of all team chats, coach notes, and organization announcements. Coming soon: we will allow admins to send team chats.

Members will see an “i” bubble in team chats in the Message tab notifying them that admins can view the team chats.

Member chat admin awareness.PNG

Admin Role Switch to Member Role

If you are an admin at an organization where you are also a parent, coach/staff, or adult player, you can easily switch between admin and member roles if they use the same email login.

⚠️If you are an admin AND a member (parent/coach/adult player) at the same organization, but have different logins for each role (i.e. your admin console login is different from your member account login) you will be able to sign into the Play iOS app with either login. However, the coach email login won't let you switch to admin mode, and the admin email login won't allow you to switch to member mode.  

The first time you sign in to mobile app, you will have the option to tap the Administrator role or Member role.

When you’re in admin mode, you can tap the account icon in the top right corner of your app to access the My account tab. Tap the Change role button to switch to your member view.

Follow these same steps to change roles when you’re in the member view.

If you are in admin mode and your member account receives a notification, you will be notified via the bell icon on your admin mode homepage. 

When this is tapped, it will show you the number of notifications, and you can quickly tap to view them in your member view.


⚠️ If you are an admin of a branded app, and are an admin of other organizations powered by LeagueApps, your Admin dashboard will show programs, teams, and members from both the branded app organizations as well as the other organizations. If you are also a member in the branded app's organization, and switch from the Admin role to the Member role, you will only see the member view for the branded app organization.


Admin Permissions

Admin Feature in Play iOS App Org Account Owner, Org Account Admin, Site Admin, Site Director, Site Manager Site Coordinator Program Admin Site Reporter
View games & events
Create games & events  
Create custom locations  
Create external team  
Submit check-in  
See member payments due      
Add and edit scores
Send RSVP reminders  
Read-only view of team communications
View team schedules & details
Program-wide schedules

What’s Coming Next

We have several more features planned for admins in the mobile app, and will be sure to let you know as these release:

Coming in the next few weeks:

  • Send messages in team chats.
  • Global search, allowing search for members, teams, or programs.
  • Search makes it easier to find members where they can call, text, email, or chat easily.

Upcoming on our roadmap:

  • Android admin functionality.
  • Admin ability to delete member chats.
  • Direct chat messaging with individuals or groups of staff and members, including push notifications.
  • Bulk schedule edits, including bulk cancellation.
  • Roster edits across your programming.
  • Chat messaging in the mobile app to the full program and/or teams.
  • Improved push notification settings allowing admins to select the teams/programs you want team chat notifications for.
  • High level financials and reporting.


I am an admin and a coach within the same organization, but use two different logins for each role—how can I switch between them?

If you have different logins for each role (i.e. your admin console login is different from your member account login) you will be able to sign into the Play iOS app with either login. However, the coach email login won't let you switch to admin mode, and the admin email login won't allow you to switch to member mode. 

I signed in with the same login I use for the member account and admin account, but am unable to switch over to the admin account?

Please make sure that your iOS app is updated to the latest version. 

How can I get in contact with my coaches or parents through the app?

Within each program, you can navigate to the teams or schedules and select members. The member profiles will have email, call, and text icons so you can contact the coach or parent/guardian directly from the app.

Will my members know that I can read their team chats?

Yes, members will see an “i” bubble in team chats in the Message tab notifying them that admins can view the team chats.

How can I search for specific members or teams within the program?

Right now, you are able to search for and pin priority programs so you are able to easily see teams and members under these programs. Soon, you will be able to search by program, team, or member—stay tuned!

How do I know what I have access to as an admin?

In the top right of your LeagueApps admin dashboard, you are able to see what admin user role you hold at the organization. You can then reference this chart above to see which permissions apply to your respective admin user role.

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