LeagueApps Mobile for Admins

LeagueApps provides free (Play) and branded participant apps for team management and communications. Coaches, staff, parents, and players over the age of 13+ can view team schedules, RSVP for games and practices, send chat messages, get directions to the field, and more, directly in the apps.

LeagueApps Play is free to your organization, and available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store

Our mobile apps connect seamlessly with your LeagueApps Management Console—meaning no double-entry for teams and schedules, or extra maintenance for you or your coaches and staff!

⚠️ To make sure the app is fully populated for your members, be sure to turn on these settings and publish your schedules through LeagueApps.

Below are tutorial videos so you can learn how to use our mobile apps and see how they integrate seamlessly with your LeagueApps Management Console.


Table of Contents


LeagueApps Mobile Full Overview


LeagueApps Mobile Intro + Subscribe to Calendar


Calendar tab


RSVP + Check-Ins


Add + Edit Events


Cancel Events


Custom Locations


Scoring, Standings, & Rosters with Player Information


Communications Tab


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