Program Pricing Options and Configurations

LeagueApps allows you to charge your members for registration in a variety of different ways. Whether you want to collect all of your payments from a single coach on a team or have all players in a league pay the same amount, LeagueApps offers you a way to do it. 

This article outlines the basic structures that are available to you within LeagueApps. To access these options, navigate to your program (or subprogram if grouped) dashboard and go to Settings, then click Registration Options

Price Structures

Free-Agent Pricing

You can choose to have Free-Agents (individuals) register for free or for a fee.


Team Pricing

You can choose from two primary team pricing models:

  • Fixed Team Price: The team is assigned a single Flat Rate fee, regardless of how many players are on the team.
  • Variable Team Price: The team is charged for Each Player that joins the team, based on a per-player fee.

Additionally, you can choose from two primary payment assignment models:

  • Captain Pays All: The captain is invoiced for all fees.
  • Players Share Payments: Players are individually invoiced for shared fee portions. Even in this model, any unpaid amounts are ultimately transferred back to the captain to be finally paid.  You can decide what day unpaid amounts will be reassigned back to the captain (e.g. X days after registration begins), reassignment will take place at 4 am EST on that day.


Additional Fee Settings

There are a few additional settings to control fees:

Early Bird Discounted Fees

You can specify the number of days at the beginning of your registration period to accept early registrations at a discounted price. Make sure to subtract the number from the total.

For example, regular registration has a $75 Free-Agent fee, you want to give a $10 break for early registration, enter $65 dollars in the early bird slot.

Late Registration Fees

You can also enforce a late registration fee a certain number of days after registration begins, instead of subtracting the fee you will add the late fee to the base price. 

For example, regular registration has a $75 Free-Agent fee, you want to add $10 for registering late, enter $85 in the late fee slot.

Processing Fees

You can opt to add a Processing Fee to each registration type, Free-Agent, and/or Team.  This setting allows you to charge this additional fee as a separately displayed line item.  This is useful if you want to explicitly pass on processing fees and clearly indicate this to your registrants.

Decide if you want to charge the fee as a percentage or as a flat dollar amount.

⚠️ When a program has a Processing Fee and a Member uses a Discount Code or Credit that fully covers the program's registration fee, the Processing fee will be waived. To turn this feature off, navigate to Settings then click Site Settings scroll down and uncheck the setting that 'waive Processing Fee amount on fully discounted and/or fully credited registration invoices'.

Partial Payments

You can allow your registrants to pay only a partial amount, used in conjunction with the payment deadline (click here for more info).

Payment Deadline Setting 

Click here to learn about setting payment deadlines.

Payment Reminders

You can optionally choose to have reminders automatically sent to members who still owe fees. Set these reminders to be sent out X amount of days before the activity start date.

  • You can also set follow-up reminders. These reminders will continue at the set interval until the member's balance has been cleared.

New Setting: Require Payment of Outstanding Invoices 

Now you can require members to pay any unpaid invoices before registering for a new program. Go to the Registration Options Page and enable this setting:

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