Registration Options Guide

Every organization has slightly different requirements for processing registrations. LeagueApps allows you to tailor your organization's rules to suit your particular registration needs. This article provides an overview and master list of the many registration options available.

Default Settings versus Program Specific

LeagueApps allows you to control registration settings at two levels: default and program-specific. 

Default Settings  

These settings are used whenever you create a NEW program. So it makes sense to set your general default values here. You can override these for each program. To edit these settings, go to Settings then click Registration Settings from the sidebar on your main LeagueApps Admin Dashboard. 

Program-specific Settings

These settings are set to a specific program. When a program is first created, its settings are copied from the default settings. Once the program has been created and updated, you can modify its registration settings in the program, thus overriding the default values that were copied in.  

⚠️ Editing default settings will not change settings on any existing programs.

The Registration Options page allows for hundreds of different configurations to make sure your program is set up exactly how you want it. 

Read through the sections below to make sure you understand each section of the Registrations Options page in LeagueApps.

Registration Process

Enable Custom Team Pricing & Registration Rules


  • For Clubs, Leagues, and Tournaments you can and should create teams within the program, so players and staff can take advantage of team-level settings including custom payment plans and team tools such as rosters and team-messaging.
  • If enabled, teams manually created in this program will be able to use custom pricing and registration rules, overriding some of the program registration rules. Click here for a Team Registration Guide. 

Allowed Registration Types

Program Staff

Program Staff can be coaches, athletic directors, and other program officials. This role is associated with youth programs mostly. Here is a guide on managing Staff Roles

Setting Label

Setting Explanation

Program Staff Allow Staff Member registrations into the program.
Primary staff can quickly add multiple teams to one program Check this to allow the program staff to add multiple teams during one registration process.
Primary staff can edit team name The staff member can make changes to the team name. 
Primary staff can invite players to team The staff member will be able to send out registration "invitations" to players from their LeagueApps member portal .
Primary staff can edit players on team The staff member can edit the responses to the players registration form fields.
Non-primary staff can invite players on team All staff members will be able to send out registration "invitations" to players from their LeagueApps member portal .
All staff can invite additional staff members to team All staff members will be able to send out registration "invitations" to additional staff members from their LeagueApps member portal .


A registered individual that is unassigned to a team. This type of registration is applied to youth and adult programs. However, for youth programs, we suggest league admins change the Free Agent term to one of our suggested titles such as "Player" or "Athlete". 

Terminology for a program can be customizes by going to Settings in the program then clicking Preferences.

Example use cases of using a free agent registration type:

  • A club team tryout
  • A league registration with a player draft
  • A camp where parents sign up their kids as individuals

Setting Label

Setting Explanation

Allow individuals to create/join Small Groups during registration When an individual registers, he or she will be able to create a Group/Team during registration or join an existing one.

Allow players to register for groups/teams directly

Check this option if you want players to register onto a team. This type of registration also applies to both youth and adult programs. For youth organizations, Program Staff (coaches) are responsible for creating a team and adding Team Players to their rosters. For adult programs, individuals may register as a Team Player to join an existing team after their Team Captain has completed their own registration.

Setting Label

Setting Explanation

Captain is permitted to edit team name

The captain has the ability to change the Team Name.

Allow captain to invite players to team A team captain will be able to send direct invitations to players. 
Allow players to register for teams directly Registrants will be prompted to select a team from a dropdown during the registration process.
-- Require captain approval before player is fully registered for team Team captain will get an email and message on their LeagueApps Member Portal, requiring them to "Approve" or "Reject" the player from the team.
Allow captain to directly add players without them registering  

Allow adults/parents to register for this program as players

An adult member can register to this program as a player.  This will only show for Youth/Family programs.

Age Range Restrictions

LeagueApps allows you to set an age-range restriction for your program. This will ensure that registrants who join a program are between the age range you have set. You are able to define and enforce age requirements for each specific program.

  • Set an allowed age range for this program, from [specify minimum age] to [specify maximum age] with an effective date as of [specify date].  
  • If you need to set a minimum only (Example: 18 and older), you would leave maximum blank.  Same applies for maximum only.

⚠️ A good way to think of this is that the system will look at the age of the player on the effective date and treat that as their registration age. For example:

You have a U13 division that accepts only 12- and 13-year-old players. According to your league rules, the players meet these age requirements this year.

To translate this to LeagueApps, you would set the minimum age to 12, the maximum age to 13 and set the effective date as Dec. 31 of the current calendar year. This tells LeagueApps that the players must have met the age requirements before the year is over.

⚠️ Require Member Birth Date (found in Member Profiles Section) must be turned ON for this setting to work properly.

Membership Requirements

Membership settings are rarely used and optional to complete your program setup. However, they can be useful if you charge your members an additional fee in order to register for other programs, such as an annual fee or season fee.


Setting Label

Setting Explanation

Membership status is required to register Set a specific type of membership that is required to register into this program.  You can create membership types under Settings > Membership
Automatically assign required membership status during registration Once players register, they will receive the membership status selected in the drop down
Charge additional membership fee of [enter price]. This setting will charge an additional fee to assign the membership during registration.

Types of Membership Scenarios

  1. Your organization charges a $25.00 annual fee. You would set a membership type called 2020 Member, 2021 Member, etc. Require the membership type for all programs that take place in that year. Players will only be charged the first time they register within that year, the membership status will then be assigned, and they can register for all other programs without paying the additional fee.
  2. You offer a "pass" of some sort that allows an unlimited amount of registrations for specific programs. Set a membership type called 2021 Summer Pass, with a fee of $100. Require the 2021 Summer Pass for all Summer Pass programs, but keep the program fee at $0.00. The $100 will be charged for the first registration, and the rest will be covered based on the membership.

Registration Notifications

Select to receive an email notification each time a player registers to your program. If enabled, when a user completes registration for this program a notification email will be sent to all administrators for the selected roles. For example, if only Org Account Admin and Site Manager are selected, only administrators with these roles will receive a registration notification email.

There are three events that can trigger email notifications:

  • When registration occurs
  • When Staff Members add players to a team
  • When a Follow-Up Payment Occurs


Capacity Settings

Team Capacities

If you have registration open for Program Staff to create teams, you'll need to decide the criteria for a team becoming complete.

You can choose to enforce that:

  • Team roster capacity requirements have been met and/or
  • Team payments have been half or fully paid
  • Or neither

The system will promote a team to Complete status only when the team has met the specified criteria. Otherwise, the team is labeled Incomplete.

⚠️ If you choose to add either of the above rules, note that Incomplete teams will not be counted toward the program's overall team capacity. This means your program could have more teams than its maximum capacity because some of them are incomplete based on the program's criteria. To avoid this, leave the settings disabled that determine when a team is complete.

If you still have Incomplete teams once registration is over, it is up to you to decide how to deal with them; i.e. move the players to separate teams or remove and refund the participants.


Program Capacities

You can also set overall capacities for the entire program by many criteria. Programs' team capacities will be based on Completed teams only, as described in the previous section.


Uses for Capacity Rules in Your Program:

  • Maximum number of players (This is a combined total of team players, individuals and waitlisted players)
  • Maximum and/or minimum number of males, females
  • Maximum number of Free Agents (both male and female)
  • Minimum number of teams
  • Maximum number of teams
  • Enable a waiting list (individuals only) Read more about waiting list setup here
​⚠️ If you set the maximum number of males to 0, that will make the league an all female league.The same is true if you set the maximum number of females to 0, that will make the league an all male league.

Registrant Status & Counting Pending and/or Reserved

As players register for a program, they are assigned a status of either Spot Pending or Spot Reserved. Typically Spot Pending means the registrant has not yet paid in full.

A registrant may also be listed as Spot Pending if the team is still incomplete. Additionally, this status is manually editable by admins for players (not program staff) by clicking the edit pencil icon from the program players listing.

You can decide which participants should be counted when the system is checking current levels against capacity rules. You choose to either count both Pending & Reserved registrants (most common) or count Only Reserved registrants.


⚠️ If you choose Only Reserved Registrants, you run the risk of going over capacity because Pending Registrations will be ignored.

Payment Configurations

LeagueApps allows you to charge your members for registration in a variety of different ways. Whether you want to collect all of your payments from a single coach of a team or allow all players in a league to pay the same amount, LeagueApps offers you a way to do so.

To charge a price for a program, ensure the This program is pay-based setting is toggled on.

Free-Agent Pricing

You can choose to have Free-Agents (individuals) register for free or for a set cost.

Team Pricing

You can choose from two primary team pricing models:

  • Fixed Team Price: Team is assigned a single flat rate fee, regardless of how many players are on the team.
  • Variable Team Price: Team is charged for each player that joins the team, based on a per-player fee.

Additionally, you can choose from two primary payment assignment models:

  • Primary Staff/Captain Pays All: Primary Staff Member/Captain is invoiced for all fees.
  • Players Share Payments: Players are individually invoiced for shared fee portions.

Common Payment Configurations:

Example 1: A Coach or Program Director is registering a team into a tournament. Players will still need to register to accept any waivers and for data purposes, but should not be invoiced. The Staff Member doing the registration will cover the $1,200.00 fee.


Example 2: Teams have already been created by an Admin, and parents are registering their players onto the the teams from a program invite.  All players should be billed the same $50.00 fee:

Example 3: Program Staff (Coaches) are registering teams into a program.  The fee will be paid by the players as they are invited, but the organization wants to collect a $25.00 deposit for each team, paid by the coach at the time the team is added.  Additionally, each team needs to pay the same amount as a team, regardless of the number of players on the team:

Additional Fee Settings

⚠️ If you are using Payment Plans, the following options are not available/will be determined on the payment plan level. The settings at the Payment Plan Level will override any default pricing and fees.

Early Bird Discounted Fees

You can specify a number of days at the beginning of your registration period to accept a special set of lower fees. Make sure to subtract the number from the total. For example, if you charge a $75 free agent fee and want to give a $10 break for registering early put $65 dollars in the early bird slot.

Late Registration Fees

Select to enforce a late registration fee a certain number of days after registration begins. Make sure to add to the total. For example, if you charge $75 dollars and want to add $10 for registering late, make sure to put $85 in the late fee slot.

⚠️ In order to use Early Bird and Late Registration pricing, your program must have a Registration Start Date. This is set in the program's detail section.

Processing Fees

You can optionally add a processing fee to each registration type: Free-Agent and/or Team. This setting allows you to charge this additional fee as a separately displayed line item. This is useful if you want to explicitly pass on processing fees and clearly indicate this to your registrants.

You can even choose whether you want to charge as a percentage or as a flat dollar amount as shown below:


⚠️ When a program has a Processing Fee and a member has a discount code or credit that fully covers the program's registration fee, the Processing Fee will be waived. To turn this feature off, navigate to Settings then click Site Settings. Once there, find and uncheck the box for Waive Processing Fee amount on fully discounted registration invoices.

Partial Payments

You can allow partial payments in the registration settings of your LeagueApps programs. This can be useful if you would like to collect a down payment on a individual or team's registration cost and collect the remaining balance at a later date.

This configuration is optional and can afford your members a great deal of flexibility when making payments, but it will also make collecting payments more difficult for the organization. If that is a concern, using payment plans will be a better and recommended option.

⚠️ Please understand that partial payments do not work all of the time — it depends on what you have saved in the Who is responsible for making team payments? section (see screen shot below):


When you configure partial payments, an Amount To Pay entry box will appear on the member's payment step when registering for the program. They can pay up to or greater than the minimum amount defined by your settings.

Here is when the Amount To Pay entry box will or will not appear during registration, based on the Who is responsible for making team payments? section:

  • Captain / Manager makes all payments. (Yes, partial payments allowed.)
  • Allow team players to share team fee, captain chooses to pay for full team (Yes, partial payments allowed.)
  • Allow team players to share team fee, captain chooses to split the team fee and pay for only themselves (No, partial payments not allowed.)

Payment Deadlines

There are four different payment deadlines that you can set for your LeagueApps programs (see image below):

  • By Activity Start Date: The invoice will not be marked as past due until the Activity Start Date is reached (this is set in the edit details page of each program). This option will also display a secondary Skip/Pay Later button on the checkout screen until the activity start date.

  • Within 'X' days of registration start date: The invoice will not be marked as past due until X amount of days after registration opens.  The Registration Start Date is set on the edit details page of each program.  This option will also display a secondary Skip/Pay Later button on the checkout screen until the X amount of days pass.

  • During Registration: This will set the due date of the invoice to the date of registration (does not apply to payment plans). 
    • Recommended: You can choose to Strictly enforce payment deadline. With this setting on, users will have 30 minutes (from the moment they reach the payment step of registration) to pay before their registration is removed.
    • Allow X amount of hours for members to complete registration before invalidating them:
      This setting only applies to:
      • Team Players that register directly
      • Team Players that are added by a Team Captain, and
      • Any role that is added by the admin
  • No Payment Deadline: This option will display a secondary Skip/Pay Later button on the checkout screen.

Custom Registration Messages

Confirmation, Skip/Payment, and Abandonment Emails are different emails that get sent out when your members reach different stages of the registration process. ​

  • A confirmation email is sent when registration is successfully completed all the way through.
  • A Skipped Payment email is sent when your member registers but chooses not to pay during registration.
  • Abandonment emails are sent when a member does not finish the registration process.


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