Registration Form Fields

Registration form fields are used to collect data that can change from season to season or from year to year. For example, you may need to ask your players their height, skill level, or jersey number for each individual program they register for - see below for an example of form fields


Registration form fields differ from member profile fields, which are collected once when a new user creates a site membership and are not asked for again. Registration form fields allow you to ask a different set of questions in each of your programs.



Default Registration Form Fields

Adding form fields to your default registration settings will include those form fields in ALL NEW programs you create moving forward. However, if you already have existing programs, adding a new form field to your default registration settings will not add that form field to your existing programs.


Step 1: Hover over Settings using the top navigation menu, and click on Registration Settings. Once there, click on the Form Fields tab.



Step 2: Build your Form Fields

Selecting "+ Add a Form Field" will prompt you to fill out a few items: Field Name, Tag, Type, Priority, Visibility and Apply.


  • FIELD NAME: The title of the form field (ex: How did you hear about us?)

  • TAG: This field is used to display either Position or Jersey number on Player Rosters. Note: Do not define this within the default form fields, it should be configured at the program level.

  • TYPE: there are multiple types of Form Fields that you can create:
    • Single Text: Useful for custom short answers (ex: Current School)
    • Paragraph Text: Useful for custom mid-long answers (ex: Medical Conditions, Comments/questions
    • Numeric: Use for a numeric answer (ex: Preferred Jersey Number)
    • Dropdown: Use for predefined answers (ex: Jersey Size.) If you select drop down, click 'add property' and then enter each pre-defined answer.
      • ‚ÄčA dropdown form field will display two boxes: response and value. A response is required, while a value is optional. If a value is provided, the value will show on a report, instead of the response.
    • Multiple Checkboxes: Great for collecting multiple selections for one question. Creating a multiple checkbox form field will provide options for response and value (see dropdown form field above)
    • File Upload: Great for collecting a documents such as birth certificates or pictures (ex: Headshot). You can also track these file uploads by enabling the tracking option which will then allow you to track the uploads via the player list within the program.

  • PRIORITY: Set the form field to 'Required' or 'Optional'.

  • VISIBILITY: Choose if you want this field to be answered only by admins registering on behalf of someone.
    • Public: This form field will be visible to program registrants and LeagueApps admins. Note: This does not mean it will be public on the roster, it means it will be public during registration.
    • Admin Only: This form field will only be visible to LeagueApps admins when they are in the Management Console, or when they use the "Log In as Member" tool to access a member's account. 

  • APPLY: This option appears in youth sites and is relevant when you're accepting both youth and adult registrations (ex: Adults registering as Coaches and Parents registering children as players). 'Always' means the question will be asked during both child and adult registrations. 'Only for Adults' will only ask the question to adult registrants and 'Only for Children' will only ask the question to child registrants.

PRO-TIP: Pack your default form fields with any question you may ask across all programs.  Because these pre-load into new programs, you can simply remove the ones you don't need, instead of creating the same form fields time and time again.


Program-Level Form Fields

Registration Form Fields can be created, edited and saved on a program-to-program basis, through the settings menu of each program.

Step 1: Navigate to the Program you need to build your form fields for.

Step 2: Hover over Settings using the top navigation menu, and click on Form Fields. 

Step 2: Build your Form Fields following the guidelines listed in Step 2 above.


Managing Form Fields

After creating a form field, you can always go back and edit the form field, decide who answers the question, or rearrange the order of your questions.


  • REGISTRATION TYPES: you can select who this form field will target specifically. For example, you may have some form fields you want to be answered by someone signing up as a Program Staff, but not answered by someone signing up as a player.

  • FIELD SETTINGS: you can require a form field to be answered for each player on a roster before the the roster is submitted, AND you can set a form field to be Managed by Staff (an item answered by a staff member only, such as a coach.  If this is checked on, this question is hidden from registering parents and players).

  • ORDER: switch the order of a field by changing its number in the order column.

    • Lock: As an Org Account Owner or Org Account Admin, you can lock a Custom Form Field, to prevent other Admins from deleting or editing the field. Simply click the Lock icon in the Action column to the Locked or Unlocked state.
    • Edit: Click the pencil icon under the Actions column to change the label of a field. You can also change the field from Required/Optional. 
    • Delete: Remove the form field. Note: All previously collected form field data will be removed.


  • UPDATE: click update when finished making any changes.


Inventory Based Form Fields

We're excited to introduce a new setting to our drop down form field type that allows you to set a capacity for each option. This gives you can control of how many registrants are able to select the options you provide. This is a great for form fields like T-Shirt Color or Position.  

  • Create a Drop Down Form Field and set the capacity in the Inventory box.  Leaving this blank will be an infinite amount.


  • Your program is automatically updated to show redemption status of each option


  • Once an option has reached it's capacity limit, the option is no longer visible to future registrants.

  • If your program uses Strictly Enforced Payment Deadline and the registrant does not pay within 30 minutes of reaching the payment step then the option they selected will have the capacity automatically replenished.

  • If you delete a registrant that selected a drop down option with capacity, that option will have its capacity automatically replenished after the registrant is removed.

  • If you don't see the options listed above, contact and ask to have "Drop Down Form Field Inventory" enabled.  There is no cost associated with turning the feature on.

Staff Managed Form Fields

Many club teams, leagues, and other sports programs have roster fields that should only be answered by the staff, and not the player. With staff-managed fields enabled, coaches gain greater control over their team's roster content. These fields can be hidden from adults and children during registration, and can be answered later by a program staff member, such as a coach.

Step 1: Configuring the form field

  • In order to have a form field be managed by staff you will want to configure the form field by checking on the registration type the form field will be for (team player, or individual) and then check on the Managed by Staff option (screenshot below).
  • This will allow staff members as well as administrators the option of entering the information in this field but will not allow players to during the registration process. Some examples of instances when this will be used will be for jersey #'s or positions.


Step 2: Allow Staff to manage form fields

  • In order to do this you will want to navigate to Settings > Staff roles. Once on the Staff Roles Settings page you will click the pencil next to the role you would like to edit and check on Can Manage Staff Managed Registration Fields? which will allow that staff role to manage those staff managed form fields via the team roster within the member portal. 

Step 3: Manage form fields

Here's what a Coach will see on their Roster page with Required for Roster Submission enabled

After selecting Edit, Coaches will be prompted to fill out the staff-controlled form fields


FAQs & Tips

The Org Account Owner or Admin can enable a Site Setting (Settings > Site Settings) that enforces Admins to fill in all Required fields when completing a Registration through the Admin Console. If this Site Setting is not turned on, Admins have the ability to skip Required Custom Fields when manually registering members.


For grouped programs, each sub-program can have it's own set of Registration Form Fields.  For Session-based Programs, all sessions share the same set of Registration Form Fields.





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