Automated Emails

LeagueApps has a list of automated emails that are sent to members of your LeagueApps site. These emails are sent automatically from your LeagueApps account in various situations.

You can customize the default email settings that are sent out in these automated emails by going to your account's email settings: Customize Your Email Settings

Below are email templates for the main automated emails on LeagueApps:

⚠️ Responses to automated emails are sent to the Default Reply-to Email, which is designated in the Email Settings.

New Account Created

Sent when a member first creates their LeagueApps account with the Organization.


⚠️ This is not a Program or Team registration confirmation which you can see an example of below. 

Registration Confirmation

Sent when a member successfully registers for a program. 


⚠️ A Team Player confirmation email will also list the Team name under the Program name. 

Registration Failed, No Payment

Sent when a member registers for a program but doesn't make a payment so the registration fails. 


⚠️ When the program uses a strictly enforced payment deadline, members have 30 minutes to complete the payment before their registration is automatically deleted.

Registration Pending

Sent after a member registers for a program but does not make a payment. The registration is in a pending status. 

Registration Edited

Sent when a change is made to the member's registration.


Invoice Receipt

Sent after a successful payment is made.

Payment Reminder

Sent when a member has an outstanding balance on their invoice.

Can be determined by program settings or manually triggered. 

Team Player Invite

Sent when a member is directly invited to register for a team. 

Game/ Event Reminder

Sent when there is an upcoming game or event.


⚠️ These are determined by the Program's Preferences and can be automatically triggered anytime from 1-5 days before the event or game. 

Game/ Event Change Notification

Sent when there is a change or update to a game or event. 

Game Canceled Notification

Sent when a game is canceled. 


Event Canceled Notification

Sent when an event is canceled.


Game/Event RSVP Response Notification

Sent when a player RSVP's to a calendar game or event.

⚠️ RSVP Notifications can be adjusted from the member dashboard of the Primary Staff Member. For more information, see our guide on RSVP for Parents, Players and Coaches


Game/Event Check-In Notification

Sent when a player is Checked-In to a game or event. 


Site Credit Applied to Invoice

Sent when the member's site credit is used on an invoice, either by the member or by an admin. 

Payment Plan Invoice

Auto-Bill Success

Sent when a payment plan installment is successfully paid after Auto-Pay triggers.  

Payment Plan Invoice

Auto-Bill Reminder

Sent when a member has an upcoming payment plan installment due and the invoice is on Auto-Pay.

⚠️ These are determined by the Payment Plan Settings and can be sent up to 14 days before the installment due date, with the option to send follow-up reminders if the payment lapses or fails. 

Payment Plan Invoice

Auto-Bill Failed

Sent when Auto-Pay attempts to pay a payment plan installment but fails. 





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