Automated Emails

LeagueApps has a list of automated emails that are sent to members of your LeagueApps site. These emails are sent automatically from your LeagueApps account in various situations.

You can customize the default email settings that are sent out in these automated emails. Customize your from-name, reply-to address, and email header & footer by going to Settings > Email Settings in your admin console. Read our help article on Customizing Email Settings for more information.

Below are email templates for the main automated emails on LeagueApps:

Note: Responses to automated emails are sent to the Default Reply-to Email, which is designated in Emails Settings


New Account Created


Registration Confirmation

Payment Made (User Email):

Payment Made (Admin Email):

Payment Skipped (User Email):

Payment Skipped (Admin Email):

Registration Abandoned (User Email):


Registration Abandoned (Admin Email):


Invoice Receipt

Standard Invoice:

Payment Plan Invoice:


Payment Plan - Auto Billed Invoice:

Payment Reminder

Standard Invoice Payment Reminder:

Payment Plan Invoice Payment Reminder:


Game Reminder


Game Change Notification


Team Player Invite



Auto-Bill Success



Auto-Bill Fail



Auto-Bill Reminder



Site Credit Applied to Invoice

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